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Mythic v5.2.0 Released!

This version contains a bunch of new stuff and long-requested things. I closed over 150 issues for this update! I hope you all enjoy it!

Rewritten Random Spawning system - now 300% faster and with 500% less issues!
Custom Biome support everywhere!
Conditions for structures! Even custom structures from datapacks!
Mob data is now saved on the mob since it's 2022! No more deleting corrupted active-mobs.json because your server imploded because that one player did that thing with the redstone
More GUI stuff and some other cool things
A trillion bugs fixed

Oh, and I finally released a new stable Crucible build with the gajillion new features from the dev builds. Like crafting, custom blocks, more furniture stuff, bags, ... it probably should have had a new release sooner, but here we go! I even wrote some new wiki pages!

Anyway, get the updates now:
- https://mythiccraft.io/index.php?pages/official-mythicmobs-download/
- https://mythiccraft.io/index.php?pages/official-mythiccrucible-download/

If you enjoy me fixing bugs instead of adding pointless new features, please take a second to leave a nice review! It helps me a lot, and you can leave new reviews for every update! (yes i'm begging)