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ModelEngine 4 is out now!

We're proud to announce that Model Engine 4 is finally out! MEG 4 is a complete rewrite and will be treated as a separate plugin, and only supports 1.19.4+. However, the features we get in return are insane:
  • Models use display entities now
  • Ultra smooth animation that runs at game FPS
  • Scaling animation support
  • No more bone size limitation
  • Dynamic model scale
  • Player skin bones
  • Overall network load reduction
  • Toggleable per-mob network load reduction
and so much more! All MEG 3 features have been ported into MEG 4 except for Segment bones and Citizens support, but those features are planned and will be worked on ASAP. Old MEG 3 assets should also work right off the gate, maybe only requiring some tweaks here and there. But in general, all MythicMobs integrations work the same.

Since MEG4 is being treated as a new separate plugin due to Ticxo totally rewriting it from the ground up, we will continue providing LTS support for MEG3 for the foreseeable future and it will continue receiving updates as normal for new Minecraft versions.

If you have further questions, please join the Discord!

Download it here:
Model Engine 4 Page (Mythic)
Model Engine 4 Page (Spigot)
Model Engine 4 Wiki