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Hey everyone! Hope you're staying safe.

We've released version v4.9.1, both free and premium versions, which contains tons of bug fixes and a few small features.

Get it by clicking the MythicMobs->Download tab up above, and check the changelog for more info.

If this makes you happy, please consider leaving a good review on Spigot!
Hey everyone! I hope you're all well.

We've decided to release 4.9 as stable, and have also gone ahead and released a free version. We feel that MM Premium has enough premium-only features now to justify not keeping the free version so far behind, so we've skipped the 4.8 free version entirely.

Get it by clicking the MythicMobs->Download tab up above, and check the changelog for more info. This update includes lots of random new stuff, including Packs to help you organize and distribute things more easily.

If this makes you happy, please consider leaving a good review on Spigot:

To celebrate, we'll also be holding a contest this weekend. Join the Discord if you haven't for more info!

Be safe!

Are you a sucker for bringing your server to peak performance, but /tps isn't quite accurate enough for you?
Then hot damn, use jaylawl's TickMonitor plugin for paper spigot based servers! >>> Spigot Link <<<

TickMonitor allows you to monitor your server's MSPT (milliseconds per tick) - which is helpful for finding processes that take up lots of CPU power. Rule of thumb: if your MSPT are below 50 ms, your server should run on *20.00 TPS!

is a lightweight bunch of admin tools for spigot, created by yours truly. No bloating, just some basic stuff one really needs - as opposed to the overload of features plugins like CMI and Essentials offer (yeah, i *really* don't like those).

No biggie, nothing special: but might be for you. Check it out at spigotmc:

Get those fingers coding: it's time to animate your armor stands!
This handy new mechanic allows you to easily put any armor stand into motion.

- Animate each body part individually
- Input as either degrees (0-360) or radians (0-6.28)
- Optional integrated helper to make your animations smoother {smart=true/false}
- Specifiable durations
- Very mythic

Cheers & have fun - be sure to post what crazy stuff you guys can come up with using this!
Just stumbled over this excellent tutorial series! :)

If you're new to MythicMobs, YouTuber Mooshroom Status will with calmness and clarity explain to you everything from the very basics of MythicMobs, up to more advanced stuff.

Maybe you'll learn a thing or two, even if you're experienced with using MythicMobs already.

Check out Mooshroom Status on YouTube:

We have released v4.7.2 for free for all users, which includes several fixes for spawners, placeholders, and mobs forgetting who they were on server restart.
We have released v4.7.1 for free for all users, which includes numerous bug fixes. Grab it from our download page!
We have now released MythicMobs v4.7.0 for everyone!

If you're upgrading from v4.6 make sure to read the changelog to see all the new goodies.

If you're happy that we've made v4.7 free for everyone, please make sure to leave a 5 star review on spigot and consider subscribing to MythicMobs Premium so we can keep working hard on new stuff!

You can get it from the Download tab. Have fun everyone!
The end of the year is here, and that means it's time for another contest! This will be another longer contest and will run from now thru January.
The theme of this contest will be COLD! That's not very original, you say. Maybe not! But the theme for the summer contest was super simple and that had the best submissions, so here we are!

Mobs will be judged in these categories:
  • How well it incorporates the theme
  • Mechanics (does the boss do interesting things that require thought?)
  • Balance (is the boss difficult but possible to defeat?)
  • Special Effects (visual)
  • Special Effects (sounds)
How to Enter
  • Upload a showcase video to YouTube with #MythicMobsContest in the title, and post it in the contest channel on the MythicCraft discord.
  • Include your server IP and information on how everyone can join your server to check it out!
  • If you really suck at YouTube (or just want to do this), post the config files in the contest channel for your entry so we can put it on the MythicCraft community server
All entries must be received on our Discord server before the contest ends!

First Place
  • All MythicCraft premium plugins for free
  • Special VIP role including Premium access
  • Bump a feature to the top of our list! (must be possible/reasonable/sensible, though)
  • Other prizes to be added

Second Place
  • One MythicCraft premium plugin for free of your choice
  • Other prizes may be announced

Third Place
  • 3 months of MythicMobs Premium+!

Be sure to join the MythicCraft Discord to take part in this contest and more!