mythic mobs

  1. Tonus_

    MM v4.5.0 | Mobs only drop 1 of custom items regardless

    Hello, I'm having issues with getting mobs to drop more than one of a custom item I set in their drops section. Here, I'm trying to have the mob drop five to twenty 'cEssence' with a 100% chance and one to five 'rEssence' with a 75% chance: Drops: - exp 250-750 1 - cEssence 5-20 1 -...
  2. D

    Server Warnings on Load

    [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] WARNING: HashCode collision detected when loading mobs. [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] Mob 1 Hash: 74738863 Type: RScytheLord [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] Mob 2 Hash: 74738863 Type: RScytheLord [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] We recommend changing one of these mobs'...
  3. Mackelsaur

    Using the Orbital or ParticleOrbital mechanic

    Hello, I've tried searching before because I saw these Skill mechanics were added in the changelog but the documentation has not been updated so I'm not sure how to use these mechanics properly. The documentation suggests that Orbital works similar to Projectile so I started experimenting with...
  4. cookiexxl

    Hiring Paid SUPER simple survival mobs needed.

    Ok, so I am having a fun private-survival with 5 friends. I want to spice up the gameplay and make it more fun by adding Mythic Mobs. (1.12.2) I am looking for someone that can make simple mobs, mobs like a Werewolf that makes a dog sound when hurt and is a bit faster then normal mobs. Or a...
  5. Coolkc456

    Tameable Foxes Pack 1.0

    This pack includes 3 types of tameable foxes including red fox, arctic fox, and fennec foxes. They are made with player head textures and they are included as item files. I also included a random spawning config and when I tested it out on my server, they spawned pretty rarely which is how I...