custom model

  1. D

    Kindletron Sr. [FREE] 2021-03-26

    Kindletron Senior has had come out of retirement to teach newcomers a lesson on respect! This free mob is designed to be simple and bring even the newest minecraft server operator or plugin enthusiast closer to having custom modelled mobs on their server when never thought possible before...
  2. Ticxo

    Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.14-1.16.5] R2.1.2

    Don't wanna pay me $15? Or simply wants to try it out first? Download the demo version! Demo version has all the functionality of the premium version, but you can only register 6 models. Download latest demo version Inherited ModelAPI's legacy The Ultimate Model Manager—Model Engine is here...
  3. Chi_Bot

    Custom player heads as mob

    Hey, is it possible to make Custom player heads as a mob? example: Custom head with the skin of a bee that flies around. I want to make my server challenging and fun so i would like to use custom heads as a mob. For choosing the right skin i would spawn in a custom head and type in a command...
  4. PsychoLynx

    Using custom models?

    Hi! Is there currently any way to make a mob use a custom model from a resouce pack? Thanks!