boss battle

  1. jeancrafteo

    Undead Wolf Boss Pack 1.1

    What is include in this pack? 2 Mobs - The Undead Wolf Boss and the Undead wOLF 1 Animated claw attack for the Boss 2 Blockbench models, with their owns animations Boss have 3 Skills in combat 1 Armor Set ONLY CONFIG WITH OPTIFINE BY MOMENT Installation Instructions You need to have...
  2. jakov

    ⚔ ᴘɪʀᴀᴛᴇ ᴍᴏʙs ᴘᴀᴄᴋ ⚔ 1.0.0

    High-quality pack of custom mobs, one of which is a boss with 2 phases and custom attacks that all of your players will enjoy! :) Mobs don't include models/skins! They are armored vanilla mobs! Support/More Information on Discord → username jakov___ THE PACK INCLUDES ➤ Pirate Buccaneer → Has...
  3. Gamita

    Great Fairy :: Boss + Pet + Weapon :: ModelEngine and Mythicmobs + and not only this, you would unlo V2

    BOSS: GREAT FAIRY = Crazy little witch 15usd PET + WEAPON = Little Slime 3usd
  4. P

    Ceniza v1.0.0

    The Mob is naturally in Spanish, but its dialogues can be freely changed. It has three dialogues, which are the text upon spawning, the text upon despawning, and the text in the second phase. Similarly, the teleportation points and the mob's damage can be freely modified. This is version 1.0 of...
  5. Gamita

    Captain Blue :: Patreon V1

    CAPTAIN BLUE = Nivel: Crazy little witch Get it on my patreon, and at the same time you will unlock much more content like: Scarlet Flame, DragonSkeleton, Medieval Soldiers, Lord of Anarchy to mention just a few :3 Don't be confused, she's not a damsel, this captain was trained by the General...
  6. Vex_1

    ❆ SNOWY BOSS FIGHT ❆ 8 + CUSTOM ITEMS ❆ ∣ ❋ Mythic Mobs & Crucible ❋ ∣ 0.1

    *PLEASE READ* If this Boss gets positive feedback I will personally add custom skills & items of your choice into the boss as a future update! If you purchase this package please leave a skill or item suggestion, if I like it, it will be added! - Snowy Skills - 1. The Summoning: Snowy will...
  7. Frukis

    Never Ending Riko 1.0.0 Update

    The Never Ending - Riko This is a really small mini-boss that I quickly made for testing some stuff! Might update it in the future :) for now... he will never die! This pack contains • 1 Mini-boss - Riko Showcase Video: [Might upload later]
  8. Frukis

    Aryai God of Light Pack 1.0.1 Update - latest version

    Showcase Video: If you have any suggestions, bug reports or general comments please feel absolutely free to contact me via discord Discord: Frukis#9848 [Mythic doesn't allow me to upload large files to updates, so if you want to download the map, go to History and download the first version]