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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, WorldGuard, WorldEdit
Other Plugins by ShermansWorld:
Governor, CustomServerTime, SimpleLockpicking


RaidsPerRegion 2.0 - For Minecraft 1.18.2

Towny Compatible!

RaidsPerRegion is a server event plugin addon that utilizes MythicMobs. It allows you to start a raid on a WorldGuard region or Towny town. When a raid is started your custom MythicMobs mobs start spawning in the specified region. The players in the region must kill a set number of mobs before the timer runs out in order to win the raid. There are three tiers of raids.

Demo Video

Usage is described in the config.yml. This is where you can change the settings for the raids. This includes adding your custom mobs, adjusting spawnrates, and setting the kills goal and time allowed.

Notes on Open Source:
This plugin is an open source project developed by ShermansWorld and KristOJa. Feel free to change the code to fit your needs, we just ask that you credit and link the original source code

Dependencies: WorldEdit or equivalent such as FastAsyncWorldEdit, WorldGuard, MythicMobs
Optional: Towny
Please make sure you have these plugins installed and up to date

/raid region [region] [tier] {Scheduled time in mins}
- Initiates a raid on a WorldGuard region
/raid town [town] [tier] {Scheduled time in mins} - Initiates a raid on a Towny town
Ex: /raid region spawn 1 - Calls a tier 1 raid on a region named "spawn"
Ex: /raid town Georgetown 2 5 - Calls a tier 2 raid on a town named "Georgetown" in 5 minutes
/raid cancel - Cancels current raid
/raidsperegion reload - Reloads the config.yml
/raidsperregion source - View the source code
/raidsperregion version - Shows the plugin version

- Gives permission for all /raid commands
raidsperregion.reload - Gives permission for /raidsperregion reload

Known Bugs:
None at this time.

# This plugin is an open source project developed by ShermansWorld and KristOJa
# This source code can be found here: https://github.com/ShermansWorld/RaidsPerRegion/
# Feel free to change the code to fit your needs, we just ask that you credit and link the original source code

config-version: 6
# RaidsPerRegion is a server event plugin that allows you to conduct a raid on a predefined WorldGuard region
# Players within the region have to kill a set amount of your custom MythicMobs mobs before the timer runs
# A raid is initiated using /raid [region] [tier], it can be cancelled using /raid cancel
# RaidsPerRegion is now Towny compatibile! Use /raid town [town] [tier], it can also be cancelled using /raid cancel
# This plugin requires MythicMobs, WorldGuard and WorldEdit as dependencies. Please make sure these pluings are up to date
# Make sure no other plugin is disabling mob spawning in the raid area, like Factions for example.
# You do not need to enable mob spawning in towny or with a region flag, it will be temporaily enabled for the raid
# This config can be reloaded ingame using /RaidsPerRegion reload

# raidsperregion.raid - Allows access to all /raid commands
# raidsperregion.reload - Allows for /raidsperregion reload

# How to define a WorldGuard Region: https://worldguard.enginehub.org/en/latest/regions/quick-start/

# How to create MythicMobs Mob: https://www.mythicmobs.net/manual/doku.php/start 
# Or look at exampleMobs.yml in your MythicMobs folder

# ------  Title Messages  ---------
# These are the messages to be displayed to all players within the region during a raid
# Use "" for none

# Available Placeholders: @TIER @REGION @TOWN @SENDER
# Note: @REGION and @TOWN will not work at the same time.

RaidAnnoucementTitle: "&4&lTier @TIER Raid Inbound"
RaidAnnoucementSubtitle: "&6Prepare to fight!" 

RaidWinTitle: "&2&lRaid Won!"
RaidWinSubtitle: "&6The raiders have fled"

RaidLoseTitle: "&4&lRaid Lost!"
RaidLoseSubtitle: "&6This can't be good..."

RaidCancelledTitle: "&b&LRaid Cancelled"
RaidCancelledSubtitle: "&6Raid Cancelled by @SENDER"

# ------  Other Messages  ---------
# These are the messages to be displayed to all players within the region during a raid
# Use "" for none

# Available Placeholders: @TIER @REGION @TOWN @BOSSNAME
# Note: @REGION and @TOWN will not work at the same time.

BossKilledMessage: "&4[Tier @TIER Raid] @BOSSNAME &6was slain by @PLAYER"

# ------  Options  ---------
# These are additional options
# SpawnBossOnKillGoalReached: Spawns a mob (Mythic Mob) when the kills goal is reached [See Raid Tiers]
# Disabling this will stop all bosses from spawning
# Note: The boss must be killed for the raid to end if this is set to true
# MobsSpawnOnlyInRegion: mob spawns are restricted to only within the region. Enable this if you are using RaidsPerRegion in closed areas
# MobsStayOnRaidLoss: Any spawned mobs will remain if the raid is lost. Set this to false to clear the mobs

SpawnBossOnKillGoalReached: true
MobsSpawnOnlyInRegion: false
MobsStayOnRaidLoss: true

# ------  Mobs that Spawn in Raids  ---------
# These are the mobs (Mythic Mobs) types that spawn in a raid.
# You may edit this section to include as many mobs as you want

# Chance: the chance of spawning in each cycle.
# 0.60 for example would be 60%. The smallest chance can be 0.001 or 0.1%

# Priority: is the priority of the mob spawning. 
# If two mobs spawn per the chance parameter the one with the higher priority is spawned. 
# This means that rare mobs (one with a low chance value) should have a higher priority!

# If no mob is spawned using its chance it defaults to the first mob in the list. 
# This should be your most common one and should not make much of a difference

    Chance: 0.60
    Priority: 1
    Chance: 0.35
    Priority: 2
    Chance: 0.15
    Priority: 3
    Chance: 0.05
    Priority: 4

# ------  Raid Tiers  ---------
# These are the settings for each tier of raid. Right now the plugin supports 3 tiers of raids. They must be named accordingly
# You will probably need to play around with these settings (especially KillsGoal and Time) to see what works best for your mobs

# KillsGoal: The amount of mobs the players need to kill to win the raid
# Time: The time (in seconds) the players have to win the raid
# MaxMobsPerPlayer: The maximum amount of raid mobs that can be alive at any given time
# SpawnRateMultiplier: How fast the mobs spawn. 
# MobLevel: The level of the mobs the spawn (increasing damage and health)
# Boss: The name of the boss (Mythic Mob) that will spawn. Set to NONE for no boss
# The boss will spawn once the kills goal has been reached. If enabled, players must kill the boss to win the raid

   KillsGoal: 100
   Time: 600
   MaxMobsPerPlayer: 10
   SpawnRateMultiplier: 1.0
   MobLevel: 1
   Boss: NONE
   KillsGoal: 300
   Time: 900
   MaxMobsPerPlayer: 15
   SpawnRateMultiplier: 1.5
   MobLevel: 5
   Boss: AngrySludge
   KillsGoal: 500
   Time: 1200
   MaxMobsPerPlayer: 20
   SpawnRateMultiplier: 2.0
   MobLevel: 10
   Boss: AngrySludge
# ------  Raid Win/Loss Commands  ---------
# This is for commands that you want to run upon a raid win/loss.
# Ommit the "/" from the command. An example is given below
# All commands are run through console.
# Global will run the command once
# PerPlayer will run the command for every player that got atleast 1 kill in the raid.

# Available Placeholders: 
# Global - @REGION, @TOWN, @TIER
# PerPlayer - @REGION, @TOWN, @TIER, @PLAYER
# Note: @REGION and @TOWN will not work at the same time.

UseWinLossCommands: true

    - "broadcast The tier @TIER raid on @REGION has been won!"
    - "eco give @PLAYER 100"
    - "msg @PLAYER nice job!"
    - "broadcast The tier @TIER raid on @REGION has been lost!"
    - "eco take @PLAYER 50"

Discord: https://discord.gg/anjsqqyfFj

- Add waves option
- Run commands on raid win/loss DONE

- Add raid boss option DONE
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