1. Nocsy

    AdvancedPet - 3D-model pets & mounts 2021-12-07

    Support | Get more models | Wiki | Patreon access (soon) ⚠️ Requirements ⚠️ This plugin requires the following dependencies to work : - ModelEngine r2.2.0 at least - MythicMobs compatible with ModelEngine r2.2.0 (see dev builds) - WorldGuard & WorldEdit (for flag management) ✨ Overview ✨...
  2. S

    RaidsPerRegion [Free] [Open Source] 2.2

    Other Plugins by ShermansWorld: Governor, CustomServerTime, SimpleLockpicking RaidsPerRegion 2.0 - For Minecraft 1.18.2 Towny Compatible! Description: RaidsPerRegion is a server event plugin addon that utilizes MythicMobs. It allows you to start a raid on a WorldGuard region or Towny town...
  3. hades

    MythicGUI - Mythic Items GUI 1.0.0

    MythicGUI is the solution to your Mythic Items! (Minecraft 1.13+) What is it? MythicGUI is a way to navigate through your Mythic Mob's items and summon them easily. There are no more remembering names, just few clicks of a button, and you get the item! Feature Browse through Mythic Items using...