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    RaidsPerRegion [Free] [Open Source] 2.2

    Other Plugins by ShermansWorld: Governor, CustomServerTime, SimpleLockpicking RaidsPerRegion 2.0 - For Minecraft 1.18.2 Towny Compatible! Description: RaidsPerRegion is a server event plugin addon that utilizes MythicMobs. It allows you to start a raid on a WorldGuard region or Towny town...
  2. Infro

    Infro_'s World Bosses Pack 2.6

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! History upon the Pack Five known villains that have a power of all five elements of nature are now threatening the entire world. Each of them is a master of his force of nature and knows everything about it. They have their cruel plan and strong will to execute it...
  3. Infro

    Infro's Dormheim Pipeline RaidPack 2.12

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! History upon the Raid Pack The more and more known Cult of the Damned has started invasion on Northern Kingdom - Dormheim. The King Nave I and Commander of Guard Ritchie are running several defensive missions to liberate the main Citadel. A locally famous hero Ashton...
  4. Infro

    Infro's DarkEstate - Raid - Structure, Mobs and Skills 1.5

    History upon the mobpack: A so called Cult of the Damned that recently started invasion on most known strongholds, fortresses and cities finally captured the old Estate of long forgotten mage. They are looking for an ancient scrolls which will give them more power. The only one who can stop this...