1. NTD

    [30% Off] Pumpking 1.1

    Basic info: - Health: 7500 - Damage: 75 - Skills: + Pumpkin Missile: Summon Pumpkin Missile that chase nearby players + Ghost Horse Army: Summon 5 Skeleton Horse charge toward the target + Crowstorm: Summon a storm of crow that blind and damage enemy nearby + Pumpkin Meteor: Summon Pumpkin...
  2. S

    RaidsPerRegion [Free] [Open Source] 2.2

    Other Plugins by ShermansWorld: Governor, CustomServerTime, SimpleLockpicking RaidsPerRegion 2.0 - For Minecraft 1.18.2 Towny Compatible! Description: RaidsPerRegion is a server event plugin addon that utilizes MythicMobs. It allows you to start a raid on a WorldGuard region or Towny town...