1. Samus2002

    RPG Pet Pack | Super Bundle 1.0

    [embedyt] Add 22 pets to your game! This pack contains 22 pets with unique skills that will make your journey better. Get speed boost from your Spirit Fox, summon your Phoenix to create a path of fire! This pack contains: 3 Versions Included - Original Version / Simple Version (Without...
  2. Samus2002

    Mount Pack | VOL 1 1.0

    Add 14 mounts to your game! This pack contains 14 rideable land, sky, water, and lava mounts. Dash through the sky on your sculk dragon, roam across the sea on your aqua lizard! This pack contains: Panda Sabertooth (3 variations - Savanna / Arctic / Midnight) Lizard (2 variations - Aqua /...
  3. B

    Aqua Dragon Set 1.1

    Stunning armor set of Aqua Dragon ready to suit you Included: • Aqua Helmet • Aqua Chestplate • Aqua Leggings • Aqua Boots • Aqua Sword • Aqua Pickaxe • Aqua Shovel • Aqua Axe • Aqua Bow Build and skin are not included with purchase, they serve only for showcase purposes Set is also...
  4. H

    ✨CrystalrakDragon ✨ V1.0

    - The best dragon pack ever, this boss will protect your resource, also they very dangerous. - You can use it for RPG, Skyblock, or anything you can add it, this look so nice right? Mob Model: Crystalrak Dragon Skill: Wide Area Sweeping Help Crystal Ark Dragon have a wide range and power...
  5. Samus2002

    RPG Class Series | Dragon Warrior 1.0

    Add 7 Custom Skills and 2 Equipment to your game! The Dragon Warrior class is a subclass of the Warrior class that focuses on speed and AOE damage. The Dragon Warrior class is a melee physical damager that uses a spear to slash away enemies in your path. Become the dragon itself by firing the...
  6. Fortepsai

    Red Dragon – Scale Mail Skill Pack 1.0

    Included in the Red Dragon – Scale Mail Skill Pack: Red Dragon Claw Red Dragon Shot Red Dragon Dash Red Dragon Jump Red Dragon Roar Red Dragon Ultimate Pre-Made Configurations ItemsAdder drag and drop config, Mythic Mobs and MMOCore
  7. Baphomet's Guild

    Dreshtark the Dark Dragon | Boss, Mounting, Hat, Axe and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 0.5

    Dreshtark the Dark Dragon is a very aggressive Fire Dragon with a fairly decent and fluid flight AI. This pack contains: Dreshtark model with 17 animations. Dreshtark mount model with 9 animations, can be mounted on the ground or air and attacks aggressive mobs. Mobs.yml and Skills.yml with...
  8. Kapitan_787

    The Dragon Knight 1.0

    дракон рыцарь Этот пакет содержит: - 10 уникальных навыков на тему драконов - Уникальные анимации, которые вы можете использовать как готовые навыки или создавать свои собственные - У каждого навыка есть звук - Пользовательский пакет ресурсов - Пользовательские 3d модели - Два кастомных 3D когтя...
  9. Danzar

    delete 1.0

  10. Nocsy

    Drakonin Pack 2022-05-10

    The full bundle includes : 8 Baby Drakonins: Hatches from the Drakonin Egg Tameable with golden apples Evolves into the adult form up after feeding enough apples ✨ Follows you everywhere (even without MCPets) 8 Adult Drakonins : Rideable (both ground and air controls) Unique spells for...
  11. Nocsy

    Drako - The Fire Dragon (Boss + Mount + Items) 2021-11-08

    This pack includes : Drako – The Fire Dragon (Boss) : 13 animations A complex behavior to handle ground combat & air combat 5 different attacks handled differently from ground to the air (A bite, a wing slash, fire breath in a cone, fragmented fireball, and a grab to get the player in the air...
  12. D

    Mortos the Death Dragon 2021-08-24

    The reward for breaking 100 patrons goal is now available for all Patreon tiers! Mortos is the death dragon from your nightmares! Mortos packs advanced flightpath AI that can avoid any obstacle in his path providing a more realistic experience with flying monsters. As a bonus his minion, the...
  13. Barney

    Lightning Dragon ⚡ Mythicmobs Boss ⚡ RPG BOSS ⚡ 1.1.13

    Tested on 1.12.2 Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | Libsdisguise | MythicmobsAddon | GlowAPI This is the updated version of the "Lightning Dragon" in my duo dragon pack. The Water dragon will be getting an update soon! Name: Saika (You can change the name) Description: This is an anime...