1. Alexander111_

    ☄ BlazingPack ☄ | Boss + Arena 1.1

    Tested Minecraft versions: 1.19.4 - 1.20.1 Kenneth is a demon born in the Nether from various damned souls merging with one another. But some souls held a power beyond this dimension, so Kenneth adapted and evolved with these powers. This resource contains the following: Kenneth...
  2. Tof

    FlaMental 2022-06-09

    See Video (YouTube link) The fire boss has 5 Abilities: Fire shot: A straightforward projectile Martial arts: FlaMental puts his fists to use, starting to combo Jabs, uppercuts and aerial punches randomly. Once he catches you in range with this, its almost impossible to get out until he’s done...
  3. MexBotDude

    MexBot's Shattered Armor and Weapon Pack 2022-01-17

    Includes: -Shattered Sword Model (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin) -Shattered Greatsword Model (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin) -Shattered Axe Model (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin) -Shattered Shield Model (with block animation) (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean...
  4. Nocsy

    Drako - The Fire Dragon (Boss + Mount + Items) 2021-11-08

    This pack includes : Drako – The Fire Dragon (Boss) : 13 animations A complex behavior to handle ground combat & air combat 5 different attacks handled differently from ground to the air (A bite, a wing slash, fire breath in a cone, fragmented fireball, and a grab to get the player in the air...
  5. ikanataa

    Fenix Skill! 1.0

    Fenix Skill for MythicMobs and MMOCore classes!
  6. ikanataa

    Fire and Ice Mage 1.0

    The best of Classes! Fire and Ice mage contains more of 20+ skills !
  7. Barney

    ⬛ Flereous the Undying ⬛ 50% SALE ⬛ 1.2

    Flereous the undying Skills: - Incinerate | Releases huge fumes of flames and burns everything in agony. - Volcanic smash | Jumps in the air and leaps down to launch volcanic terrain everywhere. - Protective Flames | Gains bonus defense and also ignites nearby enemies. - Flaming...
  8. Barney

    Hoxar ⬛ Mythicmobs Boss ⬛ RPG MINI-BOSS ⬛ 1.1.1

    Tested on 1.12.2 Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | Libsdisguise | MythicmobsAddon Name: Hoxar Stats: - HP: 800 (Configurable) - Damage: 20 (Configurable) - Weakness: Melee, Magic, Physical - Knockback Resistance: none - Movement Speed: 0.30 (configurable) Skills: - CorruptedScreech (Sends a...
  9. xlsalvolx

    ♨️❄️ FireFrost pack ❄️♨️ 1.26

    Hello again! This time i bring to you a pack of ice and fire. If the buy link doesn't work click here! This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version). You can...
  10. Techno Panda

    Reapers Fire & Ice 0.3

    Alright so this is from what i have been working on sense i found Mythic mobs I am not the greats or the cleanest in the code sorry but i hope you all enjoy it :D Whats in the pack: Well lets see we got 4 fire mobs and 4 Ice mobs. (1 extra ice because a mount) Questions: if you have any...
  11. T

    Elemental Mobs Pack 2018-01-07

    Here are some variations of normal mobs. Fire mobs ignite their targets on hit, frost mobs slow their targets on hit, and dark mobs add wither on hit. I threw in some of my bonus mobs too such as gravity and charged. Gravity mobs either pull you in or throw you away. Charged mobs are just quick...
  12. jaylawl

    Fiery Zombie Sorcerer 1.0

    Fiery Zombie Sorcerer by jaylawl Compatible with: MythicMobs 2.4.x Minecraft/Spigot 1.9.x This mob has 2 abilities. It usually doesn't get close enough to players to do melee damage and is more of a supportive unit. Easy to defeat when no other monster are around but deadly in a larger fight...