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Required Dependencies
Swords Pack ⚔

Utilizes MMOItems to create 50 Swords with different abilities and themes. Swords are classified into different rarities, higher rarity swords offer more abilities but are harder to craft. Higher rarity swords are not better than common ones, all swords are balanced. Common swords are more vanilla, and offer much more customization using gem sockets.


(all swords in pack)

In this pack:
382535-small.png 50 unique swords (with crafting recipes, vanilla / non-vanilla, or non)
382535-small.png Balanced swords
382535-small.png Extra files related to swords
382535-small.png Updates
382535-small.png Support when needed
+ all default skills used in various ways.


All swords are classified into 5 rarities: CommonRareLegendaryRelicReplucent

I tried hard to make all swords balanced, so players with common swords can still fight and win players with replucent swords.

The difference is that lower rarity swords, ie. common ones, offer little to no abilities, so players using common weapons can fight vanilla default style, like how they are used to. What low rarity swords lack in abilities they make up for in gem sockets, so the player can customize the sword to their liking adding stats to it.

The higher the weapon rarity the more abilities it offers, abilities that can help a player deviate into a certain path ( speed, blunt power, stealth , ect) although, the more abilities a weapon has the less gem sockets it has, and it would be harder to craft. At the end, all weapons have relatively the same damage output per 10 seconds.

Next Planned Update
Recipe Scripts displaying sword info, and hinting on how to craft them.

Have any requests? Let me know!
Devs discord: ach#2255

Installation Note
locate your MMOItems config.yml,
go to line 204 under 'disable-vanilla-recipes:',
add the following:
( dont worry, they wont be gone! )

having issues on purchase? either let me know or use
this alternative site:
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