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( 50 Swords ) ( 100 GemStones ) (Offhand Mergeable Tridents) Kennys Pack

( 50 Swords ) ( 100 GemStones ) (Offhand Mergeable Tridents) Kennys Pack 1.7

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Kenny's Pack

Utilizes MMOItems to create 50 Swords with different abilities, themes, and rarities. Aswell as around 100 Gem Stones that go hand in hand with the swords, improving specific stats. This pack can be used standalone as a new installment to standard fighting mechanics, but it is also very open to your own customization, and can easily be integrated into your current setup.

(all swords & gems in pack)
+ all default skills used in various ways.

split almost 50/50 between armor and weapons

if you dont like the current textures, you dont need
to use them, you may easily change them to whatever suits best!
In this pack:
Recipe Scripts (vanilla recipes only)
50 Unique Balanced swords (with crafting recipes/without, vanilla, or non-vanilla)

99 total gem stones (custom textures / vanilla with several default themes)
gem dust and its related materials (custom textured / vanilla textured)
Netherite sword textures for outdated servers
Optional Custom textures for various items
Optional method of obtaining gem stones by MythicMobs (instead of vanilla)
Extra files related to Swords
Extra files related to GemStones
Extra files related to Talismen

png-clipart-imgur-android-android-text-logo.png icon.png
(more swords of different rarities and some default recipes)
(recipes can be looked at as a suggestion instead of being definitive)

All swords are classified into 5 rarities: CommonRareLegendaryRelicReplucent

I tried hard to make all swords balanced, so players with common swords can still fight and win players with replucent swords.

The difference is that lower rarity swords, ie. common ones, offer little to no abilities, so players using common weapons can fight vanilla default style, like how they are used to. What low rarity swords lack in abilities they make up for in gem sockets, so the player can customize the sword to their liking adding stats to it.

The higher the weapon rarity the more abilities it offers, abilities that can help a player deviate into a certain path ( speed, blunt power, stealth , ect) although, the more abilities a weapon has the less gem sockets it has, and it would be harder to craft. At the end, all weapons have relatively the same damage output per 10 seconds.

over 50 hours has been put into this resource.
+ Displays all vanilla recipes, showing how to craft swords, and what items are needed.

(currently only available for vanilla recipes)

⋄ By default, The gemstones are classified into 3 types:
Fire , Air , or Cosmic.
Essentially they are all similar, but each gem works only when applied to its respective gem socket.
Some gemstones can be applied to armor while others can be applied to weapons. Lastly, their are 2 rarities for the gemstones. Lesser Gem Stones, that hold 1 stat, and Common Gem Stones, that hold 2 better stats.

Many things can be done with gem stones, other than the intended use of applying them to gem sockets for improved stats, gem stones can be broken down into corresponding gem dust (contains optional custom textures), an example would be a fire gem dropping some fire gem dust when deconstructed using an item.
Gem Dust can then be used in crafting and to further upgrade the swords.

The files related to the gemstones can be customized relatively easily, and already come with a whole load of pre customized different options that you may choose from to your liking. In Addition to the optional custom textures, mythicmobs can be used optionally to add methods of obtaining gem stones.

Weapon Damage, Crit Strike Chance, Crit Strike Power, PvE Damage, PvP Damage, Dodge/Parry Rating​
Gem (stats for sword)
(stats for armor)
Damage Reduction, Fall Damage Reduction, Projectile Damage, Knockback Resistance, Movement Speed​


(random example)
values can be changed in the yml easily

4 Base Tridents

speed damage resistance skill cooldown health
+50% speed -50% dmg -50% cooldown +5 <3

each trident can be upgraded 50 times to max out at +50% of that skill
tridents use a material 'Parts' for upgrading.

When a trident is fully upgraded it can then be merged with another fully upgraded
trident to combine both stats, so (Speed lvl.50 + Health lvl.50 = Speed&Health lvl.50)

total of 10 tridents!

Have any requests? Let me know!
DM me :)

Installation Note
locate your MMOItems config.yml,
go to line 204 under 'disable-vanilla-recipes:',
add the following:
( dont worry, they wont be gone! )
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