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( 50 Swords ) ( 100 GemStones ) (Offhand Mergeable Tridents) Kennys Pack

( 50 Swords ) ( 100 GemStones ) (Offhand Mergeable Tridents) Kennys Pack 1.7

Tested for 1.19
You can optionally include item templates into the setup.
each sword has a low chance of crafting with either a prefix or suffix, that buff the weapon.

5 prefix buffs & 5 suffix buffs.
updated to 1.19 and fixed the talisman upgrading using parts.

Added weapon upgrading
Updated custom textures to work with new updated resource packs, and added 2 new textures!

custom textures now also replace unused items like golden hoes and unobtainable items as mushroom blocks instead of diamond hoes, which are used more.

all textures replace the golden hoe except for gem dust, which replace mushroom blocks in order for them to be stackable, this can be reverted in the config easily for them to replace golden hoes as well.
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lemme know if you run into any problems and what to do next.
- updated to 1.17
- fixed a bug

if it does not, try to use /mi update apply 5
This update merges both my swords and gemstone pack since they are very closely related!
In addition to merging both packs, each file has been reviewed more times!
- many files were modified and changed.
- many files were added.
- fixed grammar and added explanations and descriptions for the files

now the gemstones and swords are integrated and related moreso then they were before. The contents in this pack are also more clear, and now more easily configurable and ready from initial purchase.
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Recipe Scripts are finally here!

Vanilla crafting recipes now have recipe scripts, displaying what is needed to craft each sword with a fancy and smart lore.