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⭐HappyHud⭐Custom Bars and Number Displays✅Replace Vanilla Look✅Auto Resource Pack Builder

⭐HappyHud⭐Custom Bars and Number Displays✅Replace Vanilla Look✅Auto Resource Pack Builder 0.3.4-SNAPSHOT

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  1. 1.18
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HappyHud is a spigot plugin that allows players to have more customization when working with the minecraft graphical user interface. The plugin works through building a custom resource pack that will set your server apart.

Here are some examples of what is possible with HappyHud!


Fully Customizable
You can determine exactly how the hud looks with custom textures and fonts.

  • ProtocolLib - Allows for packet listening to be the most precise.
Optional Dependencies
HappyHud is made with integration in mind. The following dependencies are not required but significantly improve the experience and customizability.
  • PlaceholderAPI - Allows for custom listeners to be created to support nearly any other plugin.
Action Bar Listener
HappyHud controls the action bar so that other plugins cannot disrupt the bars, but still displays the action bar messages.

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4.92 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.0-RELEASE

    DM ME ON DISCORD TO LINK YOUR SPIGOT FOR DOWNLOAD 1.20 is now supported fully. Unicode is now...
  2. 0.3.4-SNAPSHOT

    Fixed null components throwing an exception.
  3. 0.3.3-SNAPSHOT

    Fixes $ issue #43.

Latest reviews

This plugin is amazing. It's 100% customizable where you can make it do just about anything you want in terms of how you want to make your HUD look and keep track of player stats. I cannot give this plugin enough stars. It's a must have for any server that has any stats, items, ect. that you would like to keep track of for your players.
The developer very obviously cares about this plugin as they try their best to service all problems any one may have with it. My own experience with this has been so excellent that a rating of 5 stars is a massive injustice for this plugin.
Do yourself a favor and get this plugin, read the wiki, learn how it works and discover the unending possibilities this plugin can do for your player's HUDs.
Definetly the best HUD plugin out there!
Hello, how can I use the third HUD material
10/10 would re-pack again. And again. And again.
Amazing plugin, recommended this.
Also the Developer is very kind.
Thank you!
Cured my depression, thank you so much HappyHud
I love this plugins, but 2.0.5 can't run in minecraft 1.16.4
Need more stars, 5 is not enough... Love the plugin so much it is amazing.
Send a few feature requests to the author, looking forward to additional tinkering! (Needs icons only option based on PAPI conditions, and spacers added when bars are disabled to keep the positions in the layout when they toggle)
Very good idea, but poor wiki. The information there is poor. When it will be added with more config info, I leave 5 star
Good idea, but for now it causes a lot of lag.