1. CyberStorm

    HappyHUD PremadePack [Vanilla & MMOCore] 1.1.3

    Required: : HappyHUD -MMOBars- , MMOCore , PlaceholderAPI (Checkitem expansion, Player expansion, Vault expansion) [Features] [Layouts] Enjoy and Happy hosting !
  2. CyberStorm

    MMOBars pack for MMOCore (Free Version) 1.1.0

    Required : MMOBars, MMOCore Icon of article for my personal workshop, maybe I would share or sell more other pack in the future. Just share with some basic setting. It should work correctly. If no, please dm me on discord. - Updating to MMOBars 2.0 resource pack and config - Changed mmoexp bar...
  3. Ehh

    ⭐HappyHud⭐Custom Bars and Number Displays✅Replace Vanilla Look✅Auto Resource Pack Builder 0.3.4-SNAPSHOT

    Welcome to HappyHud! Documentation | Metrics | Issue Tracker | Discord Support | My Website HappyHud is a spigot plugin that allows players to have more customization when working with the minecraft graphical user interface. The plugin works through building a custom resource pack that will set...