1. L

    ⭐Clean Server HUD [HappyHUD Config] 1.0

    A great addition to your server, to make it stand out from the others. You also get multiple background bars and all the texture seen in the image below. ( See all the information below the images ) Add your currencies, levels (using placeholders), server IP, player name and even your server...
  2. MineInAbyss

    HudConditions for HappyHUD 0.3

    An addon for HappyHUD to replicate the conditional functionality of vanilla hud. Originally meant as a personal addon, but seeing as a few people had interest in it, I made it into a standalone addon plugin as well Note: This addon does not contain any of the assets or textures showcased...
  3. Ehh

    ⭐HappyHud⭐Custom Bars and Number Displays✅Replace Vanilla Look✅Auto Resource Pack Builder 0.3.4-SNAPSHOT

    Welcome to HappyHud! Documentation | Metrics | Issue Tracker | Discord Support | My Website HappyHud is a spigot plugin that allows players to have more customization when working with the minecraft graphical user interface. The plugin works through building a custom resource pack that will set...