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MMOBuffs is a paper plugin that adds custom status effects. These status effects are defined in the effects.yml and can be either timed or permanent. These effects can also hold any amount of stats from plugins like mmoitems and mmocore.


Fully Customizable
You can determine the display name, maximum amount of stacks and how those stacks work, what stats to give, and how they are displayed.

Extensive Command System
Completely control how MMOBuffs works through it's extensive command system. This system fully supports tab completion as well as permissions. You can view all the commands here.

No requirements!

Optional Dependencies
MMOBuffs does not depend on any external plugins, but is made with integration in mind. The following dependencies are not required but significantly improve the experience and customizability.
Stack System
Every effect can have multiple stacks which can multiply the amount or duration of the effect. You can see these stack types here.

Modifier System
Decide how effects get applied and set a result if the player already has the effect. You can see these modifiers here.

Easy Data Storage
The plugin stores all data on the player's themselves which increases speed and makes it possible to run across multiple servers. You can use this plugin to have your data synced to a mysql server.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.2.3

    Fixed boss bar display not disabling.
  2. Hotfix

    Fix startup exception.
  3. 1.2.2 Update

    Fixed an "Effects of two different types cannot be merged." error that occurred when it should...

Latest reviews

It's a very good plugin I recommand to buy this plugin. Is it possible in the future to include status from mmoitem or mmocore?
Since mmoitems and mmocore both use mythiclib it should support stats from both the plugins.
OMG! How long have I been waiting for such a plugin!!
(How to put 6 stars?)
Nice plugin but seems buggy
If the holder is not used, the error log will still appear on the console.
Great upgrade to the permanent stats plugin; highly recommend. Hoping MySQL support gets added at some point.
Successor to Permanent Stats; MMOBuffs is a way better implementation and it now comes with the ability to add custom buff icons and visible duration which is awesome. Tho I wish theres a MySQL version of this so that players can carry their buffs to bungee servers.