1. Frukis


    This is an example video of what you can do with the Icons. If you have any suggestions, bug reports or general comments please feel absolutely free to contact me via discord: Frukis#9848
  2. Fortepsai

    Fire Elemental Boss Pack 1.0

    This pack includes: Lavajaw model Lava Dragon model Molten spirit model Phoenix model 4 trophies (usable for /hat or item frame) Custom fire tools/weapons Custom animated emissive armor for itemsadder Boss skill models 3 Custom items for crafting. Emissive animated textures Mythicmob files Mob...
  3. Fortepsai

    Toxic Animated Weapon Set 1.0

    Toxic Weapon Set, 13 Animated Models Included: Axe Bow Chest Fishing Rod Hammer Hoe Key Pickaxe Shield Shovel Spear Sword Wings
  4. Fortepsai

    Kitetsu Sword Skill Pack 1.0

    Included in the Kitetsu Sword Skill Pack: Kitetsu Slash Kitetsu Slash (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Demon Dance Kitetsu Demon Dance (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Demon Slash (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Slashing Combo Kitetsu Slashing Combo (Blade Dance) Kitetsu Unlimited Blade Dance Kitetsu Ultimate Demon Divider...
  5. Kapitan_787

    2D Slash bundle 1.0

    2D Slash pack This pack contains: - 10 unique slashes with different colors - 4 hit animations for each slash - bonus slash - Custom resourcepack - Custom Slash models - Damage in skills and other values can be easily edited for yourself. - As a nice bonus, you will receive support from me in...
  6. Nocsy

    Drakonin Pack 2022-05-10

    The full bundle includes : 8 Baby Drakonins: Hatches from the Drakonin Egg Tameable with golden apples Evolves into the adult form up after feeding enough apples ✨ Follows you everywhere (even without MCPets) 8 Adult Drakonins : Rideable (both ground and air controls) Unique spells for...
  7. Kapitan_787

    Solar Pack 1.0

    Solar Pack This pack contains: - 5 unique solar-themed skills - MMOItems support - Unique animations that you can use as pre-made skills or make your own - Custom sounds - Custom resourcepack - Custom 3d models - Damage in skills and other values can be easily edited for yourself. - As a nice...
  8. MrSosukeee

    Scarecrown Boss 1.0.1

    This package includes, chief scarecrow 8 skills scarecrown model and to accompany your boss you can claim the mobpack from Hobbit mob pack Orc pack Scarecrow is a boss that has 8 unique abilities.
  9. Ldii

    [MythicMobs, ModelEngine] Lord Demon, Hell's nemesis 1.0

    Full bundle includes: Custom and fully customizable Lord Demon and his minions models with high quality animations! Demon's Sword model with ItemsAdder and MMOItems config! Configured boss itself Resource pack with custom sounds Schematic of boss' arena from video! My respect ;) Requires...
  10. Ldii

    [ModelEngine] Custom NPC template models 1.0

    This file includes: Custom and fully customizable NPC template models (Steve 1:1, Steve 2:1, Alex 1:1) with 9 premade animations! Premium support of a vendor My respect ;) Requires: ModelEngine BlockBench
  11. Ldii

    [MythicMobs, ModelEngine] Reaper boss 1.0

    Full bundle includes: Custom and fully customizable model with 14 animations Configured boss itself My respect Requires: MythicMobs Latest Premium ModelEngine Latest MMOItems (optional) MythicCrucible (optional)
  12. D

    Halloween Pack Vol 2 2021-10-01

    Here's a small description of what this pack includes: The Scarecrow - Wields dark magic to drain his opponents life and can summon crows to circle him and damage players! Frankenstein(s Monster) - A Hulking undead monster who can summon lightning with a clap, luckily his limbs are very...
  13. D

    NPC Pack 2 2021-08-27

    NPC Pack Vol 2! Hail explorer! I bring to you a new group NPCs for a dash of character to any server! We have our regal King who stands at his throne -He acquired his kingly status by slaying a dragon. He patiently awaits another dragon to slay everyday so that he may once again taste victory...
  14. MexBotDude

    MexBot's Shadow Knight Boss Pack 2021-07-20

    This Pack includes - Shadow Knight Model - Shadow Pawn Model - Shadow Helmet Model - Shadow Hammer Model - Shadow Axe Model - MM Config - My Love & Affection Features: - 2 Autoattacks depending on the targets distance - Boss 6 Abilities (Shadow Pawn Summon, Void Rupture, Shadow Spin, Nether...
  15. rsleandro

    Bear Basic - Oso basico V1

  16. MexBotDude

    MexBot’s King Oondasta & Trex Boss Pack 0.0.2

    This Pack includes - King Oondasta Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death) - T-Rex Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death) - Armored T-Rex Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death) - King Oondasta Mount Model (6 Animations...
  17. D

    Capra the Goat Demon! 1.0

    The winner of the June Monthly Mob Vote! Abandon hope all ye who encounter Capra the Goat Demon! The Goat Demon, Capra is the most dangerous addition to the Little Room roster, sporting classic boss fight mechanics. Unsuspecting players may come across a small eerie black goat with glowing...
  18. MexBotDude

    Null 0.0.1

  19. Ldii

    [ModelEngine] Spirit mob 2021-05-18

    About this mob: - 4 animations (you can add yours with the program BlockBench) - 1 block height, 0.6 block weigth - Fully customizable (you need BlockBench for this) What in the file: - .bbmodel for BlockBench How to install: - Install a ModelEngine plugin in your server - Put...
  20. Ldii

    [ModelEngine, MythicMobs] Robot model (with config) 2021-03-14

    About this mob: - 9 animations, except 1 static (you can add yours with the program BlockBench) - 3.25 block height, 1.38 block weigth - Fully customizable (you need BlockBench for this) - Pre-made simple mob config with default states changing (from idle to battle mode) What in the file: -...