model engine

  1. Ticxo

    Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.19.4 - 1.20.2] R4.0.3

    Welcome to Model Engine The Most Feature-Complete, Flexible, and Advanced Entity Model Manager Ever feel that Minecraft is...kinda bland? Ever want to have a modded experience, but don't want your players to download mods? Don't you just wanna add everything yourself? If so, then Model Engine...
  2. jeancrafteo

    Adventure Mining 13 Mineral models v1.1

    Hi! I really hope you enjoy my pack of adventure mining a pack made for mythicmobs and model engine. Adventure mining provides 9 new models that give the player vanilla ore drops, depending on what model the player interact with the mob. Aslo has a restriction tool condition, so you can pick...
  3. 宵閣玖鑰

    Model Engine ⊹ Godzilla v2.0 2023-08-09

    -Configuration► -Action ► idle、walk、death、sk01、sk02、sk03、sk04 -MythicMobs► Mobs- Skills- -How to install► If you have any questions or requests about this product, you can leave a message below or on my BLOG. ——Contact information ►
  4. Gamita

    VIRUS G: EXPANSION I :: Patreon 2023-05-18

    VIRUS G: EXPANSION I = Little Warrior
  5. Gamita

    TEETHER VIRUS G :: GamitaModels 2023-05-02

    El mutante mordelón_ primera generación "PROYECTO VIRUS G" TEETHER = Little Slime Este modelo es un prototipo del virus G, en los siguientes lanzamientos, estaré expandiendo el "proyecto virus G", al igual que estoy haciendo con "Medieval Soldiers", pueden dar sugerencias en el canal...
  6. KolorD_StudiO

    [MythicMobs]Pillars Pack 1.18.2+

    Pillar pack has 4-types(BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, RED) - Each stone pillar has two different skills. - You can get a totem from a monster that summons a pillar. Protect your town from monsters.
  7. Gamita

    Medieval Captains: Patreon v1

    Medieval Captains The captains aren't the highest ranked soldiers I plan on making, still, they're not easy to kill, they'll protect their kingdom, and they're stronger than average, if that's the way captains are. How strong would the wisest of wizards be? Is there a general who commands...
  8. Gamita

    Medieval Soldiers vol1 :: Patreon v1

    MEDIEVAL SOLDIERS: VOL1 This pack contains a combination of ideas to make soldiers with medieval theme and a little fantasy, adding the mechanics of the Paladin hybrid soldier: the protection that surrounds them with a shield that gives them resistance.


    COMMISSIONS OPEN: ✔️ CUSTOM HIGH QUALITY 3D MODELS ✔️ CUSTOM DYNAMIC ANIMATIONS ✔️ CUSTOM DETAILED TEXTURING PORTFOLIO CONTACT & SOCIALS DISCORD: Knacks#1741 [email protected] I don't frequent this site, the best way to contact me is via discord! Cheers. OTHER SERVICES: BUILDING...
  10. Gamita

    Succubus of Love: Patreon v2

    Boss: Succubus of Love Description: The Succubus summons a loving monster that has the ability to recover the life of its master and the little devils, but not its own, the mechanics to quickly kill this succubus is to kill the rabbit before it uses its ability, since This ability is...
  11. Gamita

    Schmeier dragon slayer :: Patreon 2023-02-01

    Boss :: Schmeier DESCRIPTION: This dragon slayer summons a totem, which helps her weaken her enemies which at the same time gives her resistance while she is near it, and her special ability is to activate these totems where they will hurt you every time she does it, knock down the totems...
  12. Gamita

    Skeleton Dragon: Patreon v1

    SKELETON DRAGON: Minimo nivel Patreon: Little warrior
  13. Gamita

    The Samurai demon :: Patreon v1

  14. Gamita

    Frog_Crazy: improved: patreon vpatreon

  15. wolf_awwent

    Toast Cannon 2022-12-25

    Includes: ● Toast Model ● Tosast Cannon Model ● Mythicmobs Config ● Pre-made item resourcepack
  16. Gamita

    The lost of the ice: GamitaModels :: Patreon v1

    The lost of the ice Un trío de guerreros que fueron en busca de travesías, pero terminaron perdidos en algún inmenso país, las temperaturas eran bastante frías y un hielo completamente hostil, aún así no han perecido hasta ahora. ¿Podrán encontrar el camino de regreso? ¿Acaso lo están...
  17. KolorD_StudiO

    [MythicMobs]Samurai 1.18.2+

    Samurai Showcase - Samurai has two combo attacks and will jump to shoot you down. - Samurai will shoot a tornado. if the player moves away from more than 6 distances - When a samurai dies, he drops his sword, helmet, and flag - A helmet can be equipped by Essentials command (/hat) - The flag...
  18. Gamita

    Demon pack: Anarchy and Chaos:: Mythicmobs ModelEngine and MCpets patreon_demon_pack

    Now, this product is Patreon: Everyone who bought this pack before and would like to download it again, feel free to message me, I have you on record. (Only the product you purchased at the time will be delivered to you, as now all package upgrades will be for patrons only). LORD OF ANARCHY...
  19. Darkokoro

    Boss Mob Pack | Custom Mobs With Model Engine 2.0.1

    ⭐️Boss Mob Pack⭐️ Based on my mobs from Lively World Mobs, Aracne and Reginald have evolved to greater forms so they can pull out a harder battle to everyone. Aracne Has a lot of long to mid ranged including homing attacks, don't let yourself too comfy with your range since Aracne will try to...
  20. wolf_awwent

    Graceless Omen | CustomModel Boss | Textures Vfx | 2022-09-30

    Graceless Omen =This Pack include= – Model of the Graceless Omen with 18 smooth and high quality animations - 5 model VFX - 14 skills - 1 Spawner with animation