model engine

  1. D

    Robot Lumber-Jack [Boss] 1.0.9

    Rejoice! The victor of the February Monthly Mob vote has been released! The Robot Lumberjack is a boss style mob that can certainly challenge your players combat skills, armed with a massive axe that can cleave and sever his enemies with ease. Don't try to escape because despite his slow...
  2. D

    Wizpiglin [Nether Boss] 2.0

    Oh no! You've played with portals too much and now you've caused a rift in space-time! Now we've got a new boss who's made his way through other dimensions to take over our realm! Be careful! He can make his own portals! chat with us on discord: other packs...
  3. Ticxo

    Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.14-1.16.5] R2.1.2

    Don't wanna pay me $15? Or simply wants to try it out first? Download the demo version! Demo version has all the functionality of the premium version, but you can only register 6 models. Download latest demo version Inherited ModelAPI's legacy The Ultimate Model Manager—Model Engine is here...
  4. MateoSarco

    Lion Pet And Mount 1.0

    [OFFERING]: Lion Pet Mount [PRICE]: 25 usd [DETAILS]: The mount 3d model The lion follows you everywhere and only the owner follows him The lion attacks hostile mobs Bring an item to summon it If you do not know how to place it, we will help you, the support is included The plugins that are...