1. Woodyo_

    LR Mage Staff 1.1

    Description: As in the title! This item allows for the user to cast upwards of 12 skills (more if you wish to expand upon) via combinations of left-clicking or right-clicking. Visual Example: Installation: - Simply unzip the contents of the folder, then click and drag the MMOItems and...
  2. EnderIzzy124

    Izzy's Hats - Volume 1 1.0

    Izzy’s Hats – 1 A grab-bag collection of hats for cosmetic crates! Be the life of the party with 8 custom hats for your server! There are 8 hats included in this first asset pack for you to use on servers, or for any other purpose. For more detailed information please check out the...
  3. cazfps

    Cazfps x6 Epic quality Hats 1.0

    This pack contain x6 epic quality hats. License and Usage: -You do not have the right to resell this models or share them with anyone. -Once you buy them you can only use them in your server or for your own in game usage. -Credit of making this models goes back to cazfps and only him...
  4. Johnnnny

    Premium Texture Bundle | SOVEREIGN 1.0.1

    In order from left -> right: Default/Curse/Enchanted/Dark-Knight By purchasing this bundle you receive: - Sovereign... Sword/Pickaxe/Axe/Shovel/Bow/Card (Default) - Sovereign... Sword/Pickaxe/Axe/Shovel/Bow/Card (Curse) - Sovereign... Sword/Pickaxe/Axe/Shovel/Bow/Card (Enchanted) - Sovereign...
  5. S

    /mm items get [item name] not working for me

    I'm trying to make an item but whenever I use the command to get it "/mm items get [item name]" it says "An internal error occurred while attempting to preform this command" so can anybody tell me how to fix
  6. S

    Prevent teleportation through blocks

    I'm creating an item that allow the user to teleport forward on use, however i want to prevent the player from teleporting through blocks, i have researched the issue and have found zero results, i was thinking of maybe making it so the item simply fires a high velocity ender pearl, thus not...
  7. xlsalvolx

    Pandemic pack 1.6

    Hello, i'm finally back with a Pandemic-themed pack! This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version). You can watch a video of this pack here: This pack contains...
  8. F

    Item problem

    This item isn't working: look at the file
  9. xlsalvolx

    Electro pack 1.9

    Hello, today i show you a new pack i worked on lately, an electro themed boss fight! This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version). You can watch a video of this...
  10. T

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack 1.15.1

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack includes the following: - Models - Textures - 1 Mob - 4 Artifacts - 4 Skills (with permission conditions) ===================================== Priest Artifacts can heal a player, create shields, and damage enemies. Also includes one demon :) I hope you...
  11. J

    Help With Items?

    Hey there! I'd appreciate if anyone could help me on this issue. I'm trying to create some custom leather armor that's dropped by a special "Highland Pig". The pig is working just fine but when the mod is reloaded it throws up errors saying that it can't find the referenced items. I moved the...
  12. FCRev

    [Library] Vanilla Equipment Core

    WHAT IS THIS? This is a library containing MOST of Minecraft's vanilla equippable items (swords, armor, tools...) I used it for my equipment randomizing skill, and hopefully some other can use it too. If you'd like me to add anything to it, just let me know! All items were written in the 1.12...
  13. Blazingshadow17

    [Mythic drops Custom items]

    One short question. Is there A way to get mythic drops to drop custom items that you add to the MythicDrops plugin, and not only the pre-generated items? Thanks.
  14. Liam Jonathan Cullins

    [SOLVED] Potion effects while holding an item?

    Is there a way to make it so an item applies a constant potion effect when it's being held by a player? For example, I'm making a Holy Blade, and I want it to apply Absorption and Fire Resistance to the player whenever they're holding it. Since item attributes can be applied based on what slot...
  15. G

    Bug with items attack speed

    I've recently discovered a bug with the damage and the attack speed of custom items created with MythicMobs. As soon as I modify the damage of an item (weapons in my case), the attack speed of the item is modified and greatly increased (so fast I can spam the 'attack' button). I tried to modify...
  16. Firestar56565

    Hiring Paid Looking for 1-3 Artifact creators.

    (I would prefer if you added me on discord @ Firestar56565#1968) (If not, replying here is fine.) --------- Heya guys! So I'm looking for a fairly 'good' artifact programmer to help me make about 30 or more custom items for my server. Some utility items, mostly weapons, these are for an...
  17. TheAnonim

    Can I create an item with giveable effect when I wearing it.

    I'm creating a RPG server. Please answer on my question. :3
  18. O

    [PLEASE HELP] Head don't take player skin on mobs !

    Hello ! I write this post because i have found a ... error / bug that i can not explain :/ In fact I have create an item like a mask of Bandit: And i have assign it to a bandit (logique ;) ) And in minecraft I can not see the mask on my mobs but only a alex head / steve Head .... I took a...
  19. pinkpig3777

    Skeleton King Sword/Crown aren't working - Help please!

    [SOLVED] Hello everyone! I recently tried using the Skeleton King Sword and Kings Crown items but the extra speed/health they give won't work. How can I fix this? Console Reload msg: ExampleItems.yml: Thank you!
  20. squdgee

    A few ideas

    Adding skills to items. Keeping the skills already implemented you could make a stick to allow you to jump ~onUse or right click, so basically and skill mechanics would be able to be put on an item. Another way to activate it would be having a % chance when you hit someone. For spawn eggs...