1. L

    DailyQuest UI | Vanilla Friendly BETA-1.8.4 Daily Quests There are 12 daily quests, and if you complete them you get a money reward Badges 8 different badges that can be unlocked by completing daily quests. Leaderboard This shows the TOP 10 players, you can get to the top by completing as many...
  2. SilentTail

    Outdoor Garden ESC Menu 1.2

    Enhance your server/personal experience with a beautiful wooden leaf ESC Menu! Features: - Works 1.16+ (Fixed 1.19.4 Atlas) + 1.20.2 - CAN REMOVE SIDE PANEL (Optional) - "menu.returnToGame": "⻔月"} - "menu.returnToGame": "Back to Game"} - Adjust texture by adding the textures into any...
  3. SilentTail

    LibsDisguise Deluxe Menu! 2022-11-03

    The only Disguise Menu! - Disguise Pack Bundles - Funny Quotes for EVERY Disguise! - Permissions Sorted! Drag & Drop! Showcase
  4. SilentTail

    RPG Class Management Menu 2.0

    Make a great first-person impression for your players! Impress your community by having a Royal RPG Classes Menu! This will be an intended series of RPG menus, so stay tuned for more! Includes: - Custom Menu - Deluxe Menu Config (Easy Drag & Drop) For any issues, contact: !SilentTail#1192...
  5. SilentTail

    Dark Nature Theme - Resource Pack | Inventory + All Usable Blocks | 25+ Menus! 2.0

    Change all GUI's into a Beautiful Dark Nature Theme! Features: INCLUDES Esc Menu! All Blocks up to 1.20.2 Supported! Easy Drag & Drop Resource Pack One of a kind 2 ESC Menus: - With Flowers - Without Flowers + Changeable Text! {"menu.disconnect": "⻔思"} {"menu.disconnect": "Any Text...
  6. V

    Steampunk GUI Labels | Over 60+ Labels | Supports Oraxen / ItemsAdder 1.0

    FAQ 1) Are these entire GUIs? a) No, they are just labels that replace the GUI title area. Hints the name GUI labels. 2) How do I install this? a) Essentially they are just Unicodes, font textures, so once you have the resource pack loaded you can use them anywhere. They are only meant to be...
  7. Axel578

    MMGen - The ULTIMATE Mythic Mob GUI / Panel 3.9

    MMGen is the mythic mob IDE that you all have been waiting for ! Simple and intuitive, it's meant to make your mob coding process faster and more efficient. MMGen is three things, first, it's a mythic mob code editor, with a syntax checking tool and a code suggestion engine, every essential...
  8. hades

    MythicGUI - Mythic Items GUI 1.0.0

    MythicGUI is the solution to your Mythic Items! (Minecraft 1.13+) What is it? MythicGUI is a way to navigate through your Mythic Mob's items and summon them easily. There are no more remembering names, just few clicks of a button, and you get the item! Feature Browse through Mythic Items using...
  9. Jocke155


    Do you always forget where you placed that boss in your YML files? Do you want to find something that you've lost in your huge amounts of configurations for MythicMobs? Then MythicFinder is the program you need! This can find YMLs based on keywords or strings that they contain, search and hit...
  10. Jocke155

    MythicCreator Alpha Edition

    MythicCreator is a program for Windows where you can create and edit bosses in a GUI. It will make creation much more simple, and many more features will come in the future. Features * Boss Creation from scratch * Support for all mob-addons, such as disguises (Except mpets) * All Mob options...