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MythicCreator Alpha Edition

MythicCreator Alpha Edition


MythicCreator is a program for Windows where you can create and edit bosses in a GUI. It will make creation much more simple, and many more features will come in the future.

* Boss Creation from scratch
* Support for all mob-addons, such as disguises (Except mpets)
* All Mob options can be edited
* Skill lines can be added to the mob, or edited
* Edit single mob .yml files
* Load a mob from clipboard, or save to it
* Export to multi-mob .yml files

Coming features
* Skill editor, for creation of skill .yml files
* Item editor, for creation of item .yml files

How to use it
The List
The list is used to see what values you have for each option section for the mob.
When clicking on an item, you can change its values direcly, using the buttons that are visible. If the option you are editing is an boolean, (true or false) you can hit space when having the item selected to change it.
Double-clicking on an item will remove it from the listbox.

When you're done editing a list, you will need to save it. Either on the button or "File, Save current list". (The program will ask you if you forget to.)

When you switch between different option sections, only the current saved YML data is visible in the list, this is so you can see what's actually in the file. If you have edited something, and return to that section you can click "Load Edited" to load the locally saved values, these are the values that will be saved to the YML when you click "File, Save yml" in the first editor.

Once you are done editing the Mob Options, the program will ask you if you want to save all of the changes you've done to the lists, press "Yes" in that case.

When your Mob is ready for action, you can hit "File, Save yml" to save all the changes into the YML, or you can save it to your clipboard, or even export it to an existing Mob file that contains multiply mobs. Multiply mob ymls cannot be edited yet, however.

Development Builds

I'll no longer share Development Builds, while working on, this is gonna be a huge update so the development builds would only be messy to deal with. You can still see the progress down here:

Current Development build:
* Item Editor progress.


This is the Alpha version of the program.
Because it's an alpha, there may be many bugs and these versions are for testing purposes only. If you find any bugs, report them in the discussion tab.
Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 7, Server 2012, 8, 8.1, Server 2016, 10


I was originally planning on selling the final releases to support my server, Mineworlds. But after some really nice reviews and support I'm gonna release this software completely for free! You can donate here, if you would like to support the development of this software, or to support the server.
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First release
Last update
4.74 star(s) 19 ratings

More resources from Jocke155

Latest updates

  1. Small update for options and triggers, and YAML Library

    * Updated YAML Library and other dependencies * Added a few new targeters in the skill section *...
  2. New Main Menu, Code and Resource Cleanup, UI Improvement

    * New Main Menu design. * Fixed "Search for Option" that could get stuck * Improved Options...
  3. 1.12 Mob Types and new targeter

    * Added PARROT Mob type * Added ILLUSIONER Mob type * Added @Passenger targeter

Latest reviews

very help to me for start desion mob
So first of all this is an absolutly great and helpfull way of making mobs. I would like to get in contact with you because i am making a Mythic Mob Creator running as a Discord Bot, i would laso liek to know in which language you have made this. If it is in java, C++ or Python i would kindly ask you for the code as it could help me out with making the discord bot.

Lg Playge
very good.
Great idea! Having all the options in one place is going to make editing mobs and bosses a lot easier. Seriously cant wait to see it when its more developed!
This is a brilliant idea! I can't wait for it to be further updated. I hope you will make a better interface
Thanks! Will be working a lot with this soon :)
good :D
Thanks! :)
This is simply amazing, simply amazing. Making mobs is so much easier with this, and plus, it's free,
Thanks for the support! :D
my name jeff