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  • Hello ! i try to make a "Artifacts - Mythic Items and Enchantments!" buy i need Help can you Help me ? Maybe private message ?
    Jaylawl, I'm just here to say that I'm a very big fan of your work! Though I haven't purchased anything from you, I might someday! Keep on coding because your work is outstanding and what you do is amazing. Someday, I wish to become a better MM coder like you! Your mobs and bosses inspire me! So thank you for reading this and Keep coding! ^^
    I'm speechless, thank you for these kind and motivating words! :)
    Hi jaylawl i asking if is possible to set spawners spawn in the main enters structures when this nature created in the new chunks,

    i mean i have epicworldgenerator and iwold like when structure apper in the new chunk at same time apper mythic spawn and only active if players are near

    ty alot, if its necesary pls charge me for your support

    ty in advance.
    Im answer to you massage on email there bocause im not in town
    No jay, im not give this item to other im not bad and im not want lie to you
    P.S. im not have mediafire only YandexDisk and name of yandexdisk hell11111
    and thank you! im wait new videos c:
    ееее возвращение на ютуб
    Yaaaay you come back to youtube eeeeee
    hey im having trouble editing a bosses health can you help me?
    pls see my signature
    miss madona
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