1. AlternativeSoap#

    | World Mob Levelling | 1.7

    Introducing "World Mob Leveling" Where hostile mobs adapt their strength, growing more powerful with each level they ascend. Got additional ideas? Feel free to add them, or inform me to incorporate them! It's straightforward, and it gets the job done! ⭐⭐⭐ If you like it, please leave a...
  2. Darkokoro

    Lively World Mobs | Custom Leveled Mobs 1.4

    Make your world more lively with this mob pack. I intend to make some world building around mob factions and lore based items. ✭INCLUDES✭ Random Spawning custom mobs Skeletons Spiders A vex that spawns in raids Every mob has world scaling Biome exclusive mobs Mobs skirmish around the world The...
  3. AlternativeSoap#

    | World Scaling Level Mobs | Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | [NO UPDATES] 2023-09-08

    Get only levelling by downloading this new free World Scaling Levelling mobs; https://mythiccraft.io/index.php?resources/world-scaling-level-mobs.1201/ Get all the other features by downloading this Custom Mobs resource...