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The Forgotten Terrors - Elite mobpack

The Forgotten Terrors - Elite mobpack 1

Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, Model Engine

When the great corruption spread, it created terrorific
abominations out of the flesh of the living. While the now called
Fallen heroes stood a chance, other mortals suffered awful mutations
and turned into violence-thirsty monsters that wanted to consume
everything whose life hadn't yet faded away.

The Forgotten terrors, a nightmare that should have
remained forgotten, brings a new amazing fight with
plenty of challenging mechanics, custom sounds, and
great visual effects, featuring three new unique mobs!

This awesome pack Includes:

- The Brute (Melee, brutal)
- The Prowler (Melee, weak)
- The Puker (Ranged, harasser)
- MythicMobs configurations
- Custom sound and vfx design
- Installation & Modulation guide

Requires ModelEngine AND MythicMobs PREMIUM


The Corrupted Brute, a terrorific juggernaut
with devastating strenght, very high resistance
and a very bad temper!

Unlike the other two, it can't be parried when attacking
(Although you can stagger them when you attack), and will
instead show you a weak spot, where attacks truly hurt!

Their devastating power and high crowd control make
them really dangerous, and their combo becomes extremely
punishing for those who don't play carefuly!

The only effective way around them is taking advantage
of the vulnerability window, but be careful!
They will attempt to counter-attack if you do it too much!

They detest archers, and will chase them down until
there are no little arrows tickling their dead skin!

Prowlers are slow melee attackers that will chase
everything and everyone down. They possess a simple
melee combo and a few special attacks, that you can
parry, by attacking right before they hit you!

They try to dodge you when they lose advantage, and they
try to run at targets that try to keep their distance, entering

Since they are very optimized, they are the perfect mob
for swarms, but be careful, they can become truly
dangerous when they outnumber you!

The corrupted pukers are disgusting, slow, ranged
undead acid spitters! Their jaws got unified with their
chest, that now hosts that awful corrupted and black liquid.
They possess a weak melee, but instead try to spew loads
of corrosive attacks to opponents farther away!

They move slowly, and are weaker against projectiles than
other corrupted mobs. They will spew acid at long range, and
will perform a disgusting vomit skill at closer ranges, crippling
the victim's movement speed and causing important damages!

Since they are very optimized, they can swarm as well! However,
more pukers are a terrible danger you should avoid at all costs!

Being hit in the head yields a chance for decapitation.
This can execute the mob earlier and save you efforts!
(Has a built-in drop table to ensure mob drops!)

The Brute and Prowler will get enraged when hit too many times,
when staggered, or when too far away from their attacker,
triggering Rage, which makes them walk faster and use
different attacks, or Frenzy, which makes them run towards
their target in rage, attempting to hit them brutally.

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