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By far the best RPG plugin for Mobs ever created. The level of customization and configurability this plugin offers is unmatched. I've been using MythicMobs for the last 2 years and I can assure you, you WON'T find anothing as powerful as the MythicMobs package for your RPG/MMO server.

Many thanks for the author Ash for bringing us this amazing and powerful tool.

5/5. Kind regards,

I feel like I have to leave a review being apart of this amazing plugin and experience. MythicMobs isn't just a mob plugin, its a powerful scripting engine capable of doing almost everything. Amazing boss fights, TNT Run Minigames, Guns in Minecraft, all possible with MythicMobs!
What's there to say... simply the best, and most complete Mob Engine out there for Spigot.
MythicMobs is certainly one of the top 10 creator plugins currently available on Bukkit/Spigot for server owners looking to reimagine their minecraft servers. I would not say it easy for the average person to use and requires a lot of personal time and investment to achieve a substantial amount of server modifications. This is the main source of frustration I see from people, high expectations for low investment. If you invest in the plugin, it can deliver a lot and the people behind the scenes are reasonable and helpful, even to free plugin users.

The plugin comes with examples in every config to help you get started and the documentation is… well, decent. Certainly better than most of the documentation out there, but it’s currently being updated so links are broken, some stuff is outdated, it’s very light on tutorials and some examples don’t work or are missing. Regardless, I have no doubt even the documentation will soon be on par with the rest of the project.

My only complaint would be the asking price. As a small startup project $40 is completely out of the scope of reality for us. Still, as I said, they’ve been reasonable to the free users, but I’m sad our project is going live next week without our custom world and mobs which is mostly the work I committed to the project.

Sooo…. :) please release 1.17 support soon.
I love it, I even bought Mythic Crucible)
But there is a bug:
If i choose Action: ADD, I couldn't spawn vanilla mobs
I like this plugin very much, but the latest version 4.13.1 cannot use projectile on spigot1.12.2, it will report an error
I have always used this plugin and always made some cool mobs and bosses out of it. With all the customization and easy to read manual you can create anything you really want.
where I can ask for support cous Im idk, how to ask you aither that this way, so sorry but tell me,(and is about payment)
Ive been waiting for 7 days now for a fix for my crashing
Been asked to post the log and errors by one of the developers. When I did that I didnt get any reply back. Tried on 3 different occasions to get anyone to responde to me. Very unhelpfull. Spent hours making the mobs and now its useless to have the plugin. Im still waiting for a reply till this day.

The upside is ofcourse its a very suffisticated plugin but the help team is not willing to help with some major issues involving alot of errors.