What's new

MMOBuffs 1.2.3

Fixed boss bar display not disabling.
Fix startup exception.
Fixed an "Effects of two different types cannot be merged." error that occurred when it should not have.
Added an option to use "-s" at the end of a command to make it execute silently if wanted.
Fix merging buffs not working correctly.
Fix Aurelium Skills loading issue.
Bug Fixes and Changes
Fixed duration-ascending being false throwing an exception.
Fixed ConcurrentModificationException occurring when buffs were modified.
Added a data loaded check when returning placeholders to prevent NPE because "holder" is null.
Reorganized how buffs are scheduled and updated.
Fixed buffs not clearing sometimes when holder relogs.
Fixed /buff stack command not working properly.

Added config option bossbar-display.update-ticks to set how often displays are updated.
Added config option bossbar-display.display-when-empty to always display the boss bar even if the holder has no effects.
Added config option stat-handler.default to set the default stat provider.
Added support for AureliumSkills.
Added ability to set stacks with a modifier in the /buff give and /buff permanent commands.

The wiki will be updated soon with the new changes.
Fixed a bug when using the /buff stack command.
Fixed a NullPointerException in relation to the combat event.

Bug Fixes​

Fixed ConcurrentModificationException firing randomly.
Fixed hidden effects appending an invisible space.
Fixed newest MythicLib not working with MMOBuffs.


Added options that can be used like:
  keep-on-death: false
  keep-on-world-change: true
Added a new /buff stack command.
Added option to decide how to sort displayed effects.
Added warning message when message is missing.