1. SilentTail

    RPG Class Management Menu 2.0

    Make a great first-person impression for your players! Impress your community by having a Royal RPG Classes Menu! This will be an intended series of RPG menus, so stay tuned for more! Includes: - Custom Menu - Deluxe Menu Config (Easy Drag & Drop) For any issues, contact: !SilentTail#1192...
  2. G

    Oáxémak 2022-09-16

    Oaxemak - The name sounds intimidating, but the character is even more intimidating. This character has a lot of detail put into it and is a great addition for your world and servers. It can act as a villain if you wish to do an MMO, or it can even be a boss. This character has a variety of uses...
  3. Ehh

    MMOBuffs 1.2.3

    Welcome to MMOBuffs! Documentation | Metrics | Issue Tracker | Discord Download Optional Resource Pack MMOBuffs is a paper plugin that adds custom status effects. These status effects are defined in the effects.yml and can be either timed or permanent. These effects can also hold any amount of...