What's new
This update contains:

  1. Big performance improvement on startup speed and the overall workload.
  2. Internal database updated for 60% to the new mechanics of mythic mob.
  3. Modified the 3D view, removed green plain unnecessary and slowing launch time.
This version is marked as 3.9
In this version, minecraft server installation is now more stable, a bit of UI rework, the code suggestion system is now really better.
And and a new AI Code generation Model is out ! 48 million parameters, we always want something bigger don't we ?
Also the skills database it partially updated to latest mythic mob release.

The features:

- AI Model 48 million parameters
- Update skill base for syntax checker and code suggestion
- Server installation more stable
- UI rework to look cleaner.

This is not a big release, but still one.
This new MMGen V3.7 release comes with bug fixes on specific area of the UI, Optimisation in the background, but mostly a brand new AI feature working locally !! no limit for premium users, 15 characters limit for free users.
You can choose between three models in the settings: low, medium and high, you can also adjust the number of characters for a generation in the settings, be aware that the higher the model and the number of characters, the slower it will be, Tested on an i7 10700 the generation of 100 characters with the biggest model takes ~1.4 seconds.

WARNING : The AI starts at the launch of the software, the first time, the AI may takes 2 to 4 minutes to launch, don't close it, that's a normal behaviour on first launch, if you want to see the progress or her launching, go to settings and check the 'AI command visible' to see the the AI command line. The AI model takes from 300 mo of ram for the smaller model to 900 mo of ram for the biggest.

What can the new AI do ?

  • It can only generate code in the Skill tab.
  • It can generate Up to 700 characters ( premium users, go in the settings )
  • It is based on ChatGpt Model architecture, it is smarter than what you think or could say, it's not a marketing argument.
  • It takes 512 characters in context, this means that before the 512 characters it can predict based on those before.
  • The user experience is like in chat gpt, you click an it generate
  • 3 size of model exist, go to setting.
New Features in this release :

  • AI Skill feature
  • Force Pull Entity Skill Editor added
Be aware that this release work on .net 7 ! https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/7.0

The next release will have a full UI rework, adapted to a new blue color theme !
Hope you enjoyed this release,
new users are encouraged to read the tutorial in the software, it's full of information, there is also a video tutorial on youtube, type mmgen mythic mob, you will find it from the Nerovia channel :)
In this new release a lot of bug fixes and syntax checker improvements,
You should consider using this release, if you had problems with login before or if you want the new syntax checker improvements.

Changes :

  • Syntax checker improvements to new mythic mob version
  • Disguise Tab bug is now fixed, for the necessary files for it's use, check the #libdisguise section on discord
  • Login bug fixed
  • AI Module improvements on some breaking scenario.
  • MMGen server installer bug fix on some specific computer
Not a big release but still one.
Hello !

In this new version, the FREE version is now again restricted again, this won't change in the future from now,
why ? well, it takes time to maintain this software, and as a student, time is valuable, I'll do the best to make it up to date with new mythic mob changes while adding new features to the software.

What is new ?

  • AI Module, can generate complete mythic mob skills from instructions in one click, check the #tutorial tab in the discord.
  • Minecraft Server creation process much more stable.
  • The software Crashes on Launch ? now, for most of you, it should be fixed.
  • 3D Gpu viewer flickering issues fixes
  • Login information are now saved so no more re-entering password and username every time.
  • Less lags with libs update for the Interface.
  • Added detailed instruction for minecraft server creation process.
What to see in the next update ?

  • a new skill editor feature
  • an update to mythic mob additionnal changes.
Thanks for reading again !
MMGen New Version !
In this new version, some bug fixes with syntax checking and an auto mob reload function appeared !

Features :

1. Mob Auto Reload button, Check settings for the time
2. Mob GUI options bug is solved
3. Syntax Checking many Options added, check settings !

This isn't a big update but still one :) !
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New version Of MMGEN V3.1
In this version, many bugs and crash fixes and additionnal improvements.

Changes :

- Big Syntax Checking Performance Improvement, Regex transformed in algo, 50x to 100x performance improvement
- Improved GUI responsiveness when using window splitter
- Added color to Check Syntax
- Improved Syntax checking on different scenarios

This version has no more crashes, multiple instances opened error and random application stop.
You should definetly update to this version !
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MMGEN 3.0 is OUT

BIG BIG CHANGE - The software is now 100% FREE
the reason: The first goal of the software is to be
useful to the mythic mob community, which is right
now not the case at all.

Old premium users will get :
- Free Private support
- They can Choose between 3 Model Engine Models from https://discord.gg/6WuemTjX and get them free

I will keep updating the software as frequently as possible
but if nobody is using the software, I won't update it.

The new features from this release are:
- Volley Arrow Get 3D Viewed in GPU Viewer
- 3D Click button bug fix
- Added Velocity Skill Editor
- Fix every thing to make the transition

On my side I will work on other project with more potentials

This project is not abandonned, i just put it aside until
if one day, somebody get interested by the software.

I'm very sorry to premium user, Be sure that you have
high priority for feature request and Support.
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In this new version, a lot of visual bug and backend bug have been fixed, the visual experience has been improved and a new Speak Skill editor is available !

  • Better visual experience
  • New Speak Skill Editor
  • Visual Bug Fixes
  • Better Syntax Checking
  • Updated Libraries
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MMGen 2.3
This version contains Many bug fixes, much more beginner indications for the dummy server and much more listed here :

  1. New Skill Editor for Particle with Mythic Mob Particle Viewer
  2. Dummy Server Fix for installation process
  3. Upgraded to net 6 for external .exe process for Dummy Server Installation
  4. Custom Messages for beginners
You should definetly consider this version which is more stable than the previous ones.