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Supported Versions 1.11.2-1.16.5

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Translations planned for: French, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian after release V-1.0.

Hey guys! Awesome Dante here with something truly special.
I am creating a HUGE pack of bosses and characters from various video games, movies, and anime!
I am starting out small and giving early birds a chance to hop in before things get a little pricey. This pack is going to start out small, but over time will grow into a collection of my finest works. With Bosses each at least as good or better than the Goku mob I released in the free resources.

Currently Included in this pack:

Complexity: 10/10
Lines: ~5300
Files: 12
Total Skills: 345+ (Not all are attacks)
Abilities (Attack Skills): 22 (Not including meta damage calculations or weapon leveling skills)


Dante is technical masterpiece. Boasting a ENORMOUS amount of back end coding and AI control he will be able to pull off feats you never thought MythicMobs was capable of. Possessing a wide variety of weapons, Dante is prepared for pretty much any situation. He is able to purchase skills through his internal store using red orbs as currency that he gains from attacking. The longer the fight drags on, the more dangerous Dante becomes.

Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. He is the second son of the demon Sparda and the human Eva, and the younger twin brother of Vergil. Dante is a paranormal mercenary, private investigator and vigilante Devil Hunter dedicated to exterminating evil demons and other malevolent supernatural forces; a mission he follows in pursuit of those that killed his mother and corrupted his brother.

Enjoy the videos.
-- Intro with new theme. --

-- In depth showcase --

Tracks well over 60 different score tables
Contains 49 ~onTimer skills
Combined File Sizes = 251KB.

1. MythicMobsExtension
2. HolographicDisplays
3. Spigot 1.11.2-1.16.5
4. MythicMobs 2.3 Recommended 4.3+ (4.6.5 for 1.14.4+)

Currently Implemented Features:
- Intro theme music. Custom rendition of "Devils never cry OST" translated into effect:sound format.
- 5 AI Item Purchasing Chains that change on each spawn.
- 5 AI Ability Purchasing Chains for Rebellion (Main Sword) that change on each spawn.
- 5 AI Ability Using Chains for Rebellion (Main Sword) that change on each spawn.
- Numerous additional ability using chains for the suite of ranged weapons.
- Prioritized Item usage when health falls below a certain percentage.
- Passive Healing
- Active Healing
- Devil Trigger gauge functionality
- Internal store for Dante to purchase abilities and items with hologram display.
- Revive ability (Gold Orb)
- All of Dante's actual attacks with Rebellion that are not Devil Trigger exclusive.
- All of Dante's actual attacks with Ebony and Ivory EXCEPT two timer.
- All of Dante's Base attacks with the Shotgun.
- All of Dante's Base attacks with the Grenade Launcher.
- All of Dante's Base attacks with Spiral (Anti Tank Rifle).
- All of Dante's Base attacks with Kalina Ann (Bazooka).

- Leveled damage for All implemented weapons.
- Intelligent Internal tactic switcher that moves Dante from the player so he can fire his ranged weapons. And returns Dante to close distance tactics when the player is too close or too far.
- Custom targeter that allows Dante to fire in a cone below him.
- Upside down Dante when performing Rain Storm ability with Ebony and Ivory.
- Separate execution for close range, medium range, and long range attacks.
- Custom Conditioned teleporting mid skill via conditions. (Aerial Combo)
- Equipment switching to show when he is holding a ranged weapon such as the handguns (Ebony and Ivory)
- Charged shots from Handguns and Shotgun.
- Ability to gain Red Orbs (Internal currency) in 3 different amounts from attacking players with smart stops to prevent overlap and unwarranted repetitive execution.

Planned Features:
- Intro Sequence.
- 2 other weapons
a. Melee weapons: Force Edge (Sparda - Demon sword specials), Cerberus, Lucifer, and Agni & Rudra

b. Ranged weapons: Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Spiral (Anti Tank Rifle), and Kalina Ann (Missile pod / Rocket launcher)

- Devil Trigger mode (Demon form)

- Devil Trigger exclusive attacks

- All used weapons droppable. May become artifacts if I can develop a reasonable method of doing so.

- Styles: Gunslinger, Trickster, Sword Master

Fun Facts:
1. The word "score" appears 2109 times in this work as of Beta V 1.0.
2. This mob alone has consumed about 260 man hours of effort in development, testing, and debugging.
3. As of Beta V1.0 Dante is about half built. With the next MAJOR addition being Devil Trigger. So yeah. This thing is enormous.
4. It took me 9 hours back to back with absolutely NO breaks to update the condition system.
5. I developed this mob while listening to the original Devil May Cry OST "Devils Never Cry" as well as Prog metal provided by the likes of John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.
I believe this combo fueled the creativity behind this mob.

Darth Vader is NOT included in this pack yet as he is still under development for Pre Alpha.

Check out the Dante mob above to see what IS included in this pack as of right now.

Note: I will not be including Force abilities designed to instantly murder a player. I find these kind of skills cheap and unappealing in combat.

Darth Vader's Planned features:

- Force Push
Push players far from Vader.

- Force Pull

Pull players close to Vader.

- Force Choke
Stuns a player and causes damage over time.

- Force Levitate
Allows Vader to levitate through the air.

- Force Cloak
Allows Darth Vader to go invisible for a short period of time.

- Force Lightning
Vader can electrocute foes with bolts of lightning.

- Force Sphere Shield
Allows Vader to project a forcefield around him to negate incoming damage

- Enhanced Healing (Passive)
Darth Vader heals from injuries rapidly by using the force in a very delicate way.

- Force Acceleration (Speed Boosts)
Darth Vader is able to use the force to enhance his own speed.

- Summon Storm Troopers
Darth Vader uses his influence to summon Storm Troopers to protect him.
NOTE: I could replicate the accuracy of Storm troopers weapons and make them miss you EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I wont do that.

- Saber Skills

Darth Vaders Light Saber combos.
Note: Due to the limitations of minecraft there will not be a light saber. I will try my hardest to get most of his combos in, but lets face it. Light sabers have mechanics that simply cannot be replicated in Minecraft without Mods.

Next Bosses? Alucard (Hellsing) then Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)?

1. Dante V1 Completed will increase price by 1$
2. Darth Vader inclusion will raise price by 3$
3. Darth Vader Completed will raise price by 5$
4. Alucard (TBD)
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Latest reviews

BEST MOB EVER!!! Hard to overhype myself again but still. I've been using Dante for the past 3 month and can never get enough of him, whenever you think you saw all that he has to offer, fight him again and stand corrected. I wasn't very big on creating stuff in MM but after using this boss I started playing around with some custom skills, and mob making.

This boss is way worth the price hell I'd give 15-20$ just for this resource, the author is a great guy and will help you if your having any issues.

Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us very exited for Vader :D
Thank you very much for the review bud :) I am glad you enjoyed him haha. I will be pushing out more Bosses on par with this once I get some time <3 Vader will be lit!
This is nice, I bought this resource a long time ago and now it does not allow me to download it, why?
Its to prevent viral link sharing. Dm me on discord or PM me on here with your reciept or email and I can send you a new link.
Why My Dante is a Chicken.In the sky. Spigot 1.11.2
This happens if you do not have Libsdisguises installed or misconfigured. Very simple to fix :) Thanks for the stars!
My server is frozen, but nice boss.
The Dante boss can get pretty intense particularly during the intro sequence and he does track a lot of Data. This boss is not meant for production servers without some trimming. Thanks for trying him out bud :)
Amazing mob! Can't wait to see the others you talk about in the video! Definitely worth the money. Please make Sephiroth! lol Magus from Chrono Trigger would be cool too.
Thank you very much! :) Darth Vaders skills are close to being finished! after his skills are done and his attack AI is squared away I will begin work on Alucard :) Sephiroth is definitely planned to be in this pack! Be sure to check back every weekend, I will likely have an update :D
Dante... I just have to say man. I literally made an account here to tell you that this mob is a level beyond anything I have ever seen. I am a long time lurker here. A long time, since around early 2016. I just had to make an account to review this beastly mob.
Honestly I am dumbfounded as to why there arent many reviews for this yet. The mob is genius, its execution is crazy, this mob exceeds all my expectations for a 10$ mob let alone a 3-5$ one. Dante is a genius when it comes to mob creation. I haven't seen anything on this level since Jaylawls YIMR mob. This blows my mind. TAKE MY MONEY MAN! This inspires me to create my own bosses to show off here ;)
Wow man. Thank you very much! I am flattered! Also welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time here!
Holy cow! Dante this mob is incredible! I don't even have words to describe this.... All of this for only 3$??? Even if it was 5$ this thing is absolutely worth the buy.

For people that are coming here wondering if the mob pack is actually worth it... Yes it is! The sheer amount of mechanics involved with this + all the new stuff I've learned from it is just WOW. I feel like my skill with this plugin improved just by reading some of this code!

And this is going to be a mob pack??? Full of bosses on par with Goku? My god. If they are even half as good as Dante then this pack is going to be the most incredible thing I have ever seen out of Mythicmobs. I cant believe you are doing this. You are NUTS for letting this go so cheap man!

Would pay 20$ for this :O
Thank you so much for your kind words Cypher! I am glad you enjoy him ^_^ Yes this mob is going to evolve into a mob pack full of bosses. My finest works all in one place. There is a long road ahead for this resource, but we will get there eventually ^_^ Thanks for your support <3
Amazing job for just an alpha. If you still didnt buy it - do it immediately!
Thank you very much man! Hope you enjoy it!
The author of this mob always have the best ideas, that's why I like his work. This new mob contains many new elements that I never throught before. It's worth five dollars, and even more.
Thank you very much for your review man! I plan to pack a lot of content into this mob pack. There is so much more ahead. I plan to keep this content on the cheap side. I'd rather be able to provide this to many people than just a few as I want to help this community get more familiar with advanced usage of this plugin. If Dante can help with that then my goal has been reached :)