1. GTB_models

    Demon slayer Sword Pack **5 SWORDS** (inspired) 2022-01-14

    Pack of 5 swords inspired by demon slayer. Join our discord and order models, search for "GTB" You can receive the files in .BB, .Json or resoucepack file.
  2. MrSosukeee

    Hobbit mob pack Orc pack (11 Orcs) 2022-03-05

    The hobbit mobpack is a pack of MythicMobs that contains 1 boss, 3 mini bosses and 7 minions, the main boss will have 15 unique abilities, the mini bosses will have 3 abilities and the minions 1 ability. CONTENTS: Azog El Profanador - Boss Urok-Hai - MiniBoss Nagrand - MiniBoss Throm-Ka -...
  3. ikanataa

    MEGA SKILL PACK. 39 SKILLS! 2021-10-11

    This pack contains more than 40skill base for your server! All fully configurable. Buy it and you won't regret it! Discord : Gabriel Silva#2680!
  4. MexBotDude

    Mexbot’s Savanna Pack 0.0.1

    This Pack includes: - Lion Model (Male,Female,Baby) - Rhino Model (Adult,Baby) - Giraffe Model (Adult,Baby) - Gazelle Model (Adult,Baby) - Zebra Model (Adult,Baby) - Cheeta Model - African Wild Dog Model MM Config with RandomSpawners (Mobs will randomly spawn in their respective biome, all u...
  5. V

    » ✦ MythicMobs [ PETS PACK ] ✦ « 1.0

    Tired of the generic normal Minecraft pets? Do you want something cooler? Ones with abilities? Then this pack is something you'll want! I offer you my very own [ MythicMobs Pets Pack ] [ Info ] This pack includes: - 8 Fully functional pets with their own mechanics. - A hunger and happiness...
  6. sachingorkar

    Skeleton pack ︳five teirs of skeleton types ︳Bosses version 2

    This pack contains 5 different levels of skeleton with abilities like freeze throwing in air caging summoning floating eye ball minions shooting arrows of different potion effects if having any issue in downloading the pack make sure to join my discord
  7. Infro

    Infro_'s Forsaken Temble Pack 1.11

    Thx for 362 purchases!!! History upon the Dungeon Pack Mysterious clan of Death Heralds are snatching people all over the world and do what think they can do - decide one's fate. For an unknown reason they chained and tortured several innocent people. It seems like on of these people is the...
  8. Awesome_Dante

    [Mob Pack] EPIC Zombie Pack - 9 Mobs + 1 Boss! 1.1

    Download not available for you? Purchase it ---> HERE <--- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys! Awesome_Dante here again with a new mob pack! This pack is chock full of Zombies to help get your server started...
  9. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack Beta 1.0

    Supported Versions 1.11.2-1.16.5 Download not available for you? Purchase it ---> HERE <--- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Translations planned for: French, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian after release V-1.0...