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⭐️World Mob Pack⭐️| 100% Optimized | Custom Mobs

⭐️World Mob Pack⭐️| 100% Optimized | Custom Mobs 3.28

- Fixed Witch Randomspawning
- Fixed Magma Blaze Randomspawning
- fixed install structure
  • Fixed Desert Nomad drops
  • Fixed Hungering golem spawns
- Fixed Iron Skin Ability not granting potion effect
- Fixed 5 mobs having incorrectly formatted DamageModifiers
- Fixed support link for discord
- Updated the LibsDisguises config to work with all of my packs
- Fixed formatting error for Shifting Omen
  • Fixed color formatting errors on MM 5.0.2+
  • Added a premade LibsDisguises file if using both World Boss Pack and World Mob Pack
- Added missing disguise file