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⭐️World Mob Pack⭐️| 100% Optimized | Custom Mobs

⭐️World Mob Pack⭐️| 100% Optimized | Custom Mobs 3.30

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The World Mob Pack
is a MythicMobs Custom Boss Pack that has 40 custom mobs that each have 2 new abilities and 1 passive effect.
If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it.
My 5+ Years of MythicMobs experience has brought me to create one of the most efficient and player pleasing mobs to date!

You will also receive
✅ Professional Premium Support
✅ New Updates
✅ Fast Bug Fixes


World Mob Pack [Click Here For Video]

Nether Expansion [Click Here For Video]

The End Expansion [Click Here For Video]

The Overworld Expansion
[Click Here For Video]

Ghoul [Zombie]
Ghoul Bite: On attack has a chance to deal extra damage and heal himself.
Horde: When taking damage has a chance to attract other Ghouls in the area to attack the target.
[Passive] Part of the Pack: When there's more than 4 Ghouls close to each other all of their damage is increased by 100%.

Desert Nomad [Husk]
Binding of The Sun: Player is binded in place after a brief period and gives them damage over time effect.
Blinding Beam: Conjures a beam of light if player stays in it for 3 seconds blinds them for 5 seconds.
[Passive] Lone Wolf: If no other Desert Nomads are nearby basic attacks has a chance to deal a second instant attack with 50% base damage.

Skeletal Archer [Skeleton]
Triple Shot: Shoots a 3 way burst of arrows consecutively.
Cone of Arrows: Shoots cone of arrows in a 90 degree angle
[Passive] Bone Shield: At 50% health starts generating Bone shield that triggers after 4 seconds granting big damage resistance for 5 seconds.

Hungering Golem [Iron Golem]
Hungering Vortex: Starts pulling players towards him while dealing constant damage after a brief period slow all players near him.
Golem Smash: Leaps towards the target if hit deals instant damage to anyone near.
[Passive] Iron Skin: When damaged has a chance to trigger permanent fire damage resistance.

Withering Knight [Wither Skeleton]
Anti Damage Zone: Lays out a zone that decreases all damage taken by a huge amount.
Void Magic: Teleports around the player each time striking them for 75% base damage.
[Passive] Knightly Dominion: If player isn't within 10 blocks after being incombat triggers increased speed.

Wicked Sorcerer [Witch]
Witch's Brew: Drinks a random potion that increases his combat stats.
Hungering Bolt: Conjures a projectile that causes hunger to the player.
[Passive] Dual Magic: If its raining the Witch is empowered causing him to use two other spells that deal damage over time and decreases damage done by player.

Hollow Knight [Stray]
Mortal Strike: Hits the player with a great strike dealing 225% base damage and making them bleed over 10 seconds.
Bladestorm: Starts spinning with his weapon dealing instant damage to anyone near him.
[Passive] Rampage: If Hollow Knight is standing on a Grass Block it triggers a flurry of attacks automatically.

Green Slime [Slime]
Slime Ichor: Launches a seeking missile of slime that deals damage and poisons the target for over 5 seconds.
Splitting Slime: Sometimes splits a part of himself when damaged creating another small Slime.
[Passive] Immortal Ooze: On death summons a bunch of small oozes that only cast Oozing Snot.

Magma Slime [Magma Cube]
Breath of Flame: Starts breathing fire through his mouth dealing damage and igniting players hit.
Flame Circle: Creates a circle of flames around him dealing damage and igniting players if they stand within the circle.
[Passive] Magma Skin: Takes 50% reduced damage from ranged attacks.

Deadly Spider [Spider]
Toxic Spit: Spits toxic venom towards players if hit deals huge poison damage.
Spider Web: Shoots out spider web if player gets hit they will be slowed down dramatically.
[Passive] Creeping Night: During night time their maximum health is increased.

Shade Spider [Cave Spider]
Toxic Spit: Spits toxic venom towards players if hit deals huge poison damage.
Spider Shade: Turns invisible leaving a small trail of smoke and also takes reduced damage.
[Passive] Deadly Toxins: When casting toxic spit has a chance to cast that spell twice instantly.

Blazing Inferno [Blaze]
Flaming Orbs: Conjures flaming orbs to circle him, if players get hit they get dealt instant damage and set on fire.
Flaming Inferno: Launches a huge flaming bolt towards a player dealing huge damage and setting them on fire for a long duration.
[Passive] Ethereal Body: Takes 35% reduced damage from all melee attacks.

Creature Of The Sea [Drowned]
From The Seas: Starts spitting out fish all around him dealing damage to anyone near and slowing them briefly.
Water Bed: Encases himself in water healing himself after a short duration.
[Passive] King Of The Sea: If Drowned is in water causes them to hit you with a water whirl automatically every 5 seconds.

Cursed Piglin [Piglin]
Piercing Bolt: If a Piglin has a crossbow he shoots an extra shot called Piercing Bolt that moves fast and deals extra damage.
Piglin Rush: If a Piglin has a sword he rushes towards the target 3 times and deals increased damage each rush.
[Passive] Berserking Stance: Every time a Piglin is hit it has chance to heal 20% of his max health back.

Crawling Creeper [Creeper]
Creeping Dance: Teleports around the player launching a Creeping missile that deals damage and explodes on contact.
Charged Explosion: When a player gets close Crawling Creeper will charge up for 4 seconds then deal a devastating explosion around himself.
[Passive] Thundering Explosion: If its thundering in the world causes Crawling Creepers to cast a Thunder Attack down on you dealing moderate damage.

Night Seeker [Phantom]
Phantom Rain: When flying drops down a Rain of Phantom bolts dealing damage over time.
Screeching Bite: When near a player takes a bite causing the player to go blind for a certain duration.
[Passive] Night Hunter: During night time his melee attacks have chance to trigger Night Hunter causing his next attacks for 20 seconds to deal hugely increased damage.

Dark Entity [Enderman]
Void Warp: Teleports 3 times each time leaving a puddle that damages anyone inside of it.
Void Zone: Conjures a big zone of void damaging anyone in who stands in it.
[Passive] Lingering Void: Attacks have a chance to teleport the target to a random location nearby.

Octopus [Squid]
Ink Squirt: Launches a squirt of ink towards a player blinding them if hit.
Paralyzing Touch: Touches the player paralyzing them for a brief period.
Escape Artist: When damaged has a chance to cast Escape Artist causing him to flee the area while blinding all the players.


Magma Golem
Volcanic Eruption: His head erupts and shoots out spewing magma that damages players that hit the projectiles.
Fiery Brand: Creates a brand of fire under a player that explodes after 3 seconds.
[Passive] Lava Surge: If the mob stays in lava it regens part of his HP every 0.5 seconds.

Infernal Devil
Devil's Breath: Creates a huge cone of fire that burns the whole area for 5 seconds causing any players to take huge damage.
Hell's Crater: Charges a huge attack that damages the whole area with an attack dealing moderate damage.
[Passive] Devil's Pact: Infernal Devil's abilities borrow power from Satan himself causing great burden on his body, each ability cast deals 15% max health damage to himself.

Soul Gorger
Blazing Flare: Calls down a flare from the sky eating it, and then causing a flare effect on the ground damaging any players in the radius.
Soul Touch: Launches a magic rune towards any players nearby causing the Soul Gorger to touch their soul, healing himself for the amount of damage done.
[Passive] Leeching Aura: Soul Gorger siphons nearby mob's health to heal himself every 3 seconds.

Nether Mage
Warping Magic: Conjures a magical spell that is launched towards the target, Nether Mage blinks to the target location when it hits.
Unstable Sparks: Nether Mages magic gets out of control shooting sparks in random directions damaging players hit.
[Passive] Leaking Energy: Nether Mage oozes magical energy damaging anyone periodically within 5 block radius.

Unholy Priest
Unholy Servants: Unholy Priest conjures few Unholy Servants that attack his target, Unholy Servant's basic attacks apply a damage over time effect.
Prayer of Death: Marks the target for death, causing them to take increased ticking damage for 10 seconds.
[Passive] Unholy Healing: Taking damage has a chance to heal any servants alive and nearby.


Withering Barrage: Shoots Withering missiles that lingering on the target location for a brief period.
End Slicer: Slices the fabric of reality causing massive damage and slowness on players hit.
[Passive] Mirage: Taking damage has a chance to create 3 mirages around himself.

Chain Lightning: Shoots out a bolt of lightning if it hits anything it will split into 4 different lightning sparks.
Electric Charge: Charges himself full of electricity radiating and damaging anyone nearby.
[Passive] Lightning Rod: Periodically calls down lightning strikes around him.

Ender Beast:

Claw Slice: Trashes the player with his beast claws dealing increased damage for each claw hit.
Toxic Puke: Starts vomiting poisoning all players hit.
[Passive] Predator's Instinct: If the target starts running, gains increased movement speed and turns invisible!

Dimensional Killer

Slicing Maelstorm: Starts to create slicing the air creating powerful end cuts that damage players.
Shadow Step: Steps in to the shadows creating a line of teleportation and blinks to the location dealing damage and poisoning any player hit.
[Passive] Dimension Gate: Periodically spawns Dimension Gates that suck in players and deal damage.

Codex Breaker

Exploding Orbs: Creates 4 orbs that orbit around the area exploding after 5 seconds.
Codex Activate: Opens a Codex book that activates after
[Passive] Void Shift: Tranforms himself into a void form making him immune to all damage for a brief period.


Tree Spirit

Living Earth: Periodically raises earth from the ground damaging any players hit around these burst.

Hexed Spirits: Summons Hexed Spirits that attack players and explode on contact.

[Passive] Spirit Link: If Hexed Spirits explode they will heal the Tree Spirit by 10% max health.

Iced Ghoul

Ice Shards: Launches a barrage of ice shards towards players if hit causes them to slow down.

Domain of Frost: Creates a zone of ice around that damages players and increases damage the further it grows.

[Passive] Icy Touch: Dealing melee damage has a chance to freeze players in place.

Iron Titan

Laser Beam: Shoots a beam of laser towards the player setting them on fire if hit.

Homing Missile: Shoots out missiles that follow players making big explosions on hit.

[Passive] Energy Blast: Taking damage has a chance to trigger a Energy Blast from his core.

Mutated Slime

Unstable Oozing: Mutated Ooze constantly launches ooze from him in random directions.

Poisonous Slimes: Converts the ground into poisonous slimes that chase players.

[Passive] Absorption: He absorbs projectiles converting it to health instead.

Shifting Omen

Shifting Power: Marks a target location where he will teleport afterwards unleashing a shockwave around him.

Dark Objects: Conjures 3 dark objects around him damaging anyone in hit by these but also causes them to disappear.

[Passive] Blinding Darkness: Damaging abilities cause target to be clouded in darkness for 5 seconds.


MythicMobs 5.0.0+
Minecraft 1.13.2+
Digital product
License Duration
14.99 GBP
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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skill coolnes = 5/5
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difficulty to bully them = 2/5 (can customize)
pain while fighting 100 mobs = 100/5
support 100/5
over all = 43.4/5
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Great addition to our world, with a little to no work I balanced the mobs so they fit to our needs and works like a charm! Players really hate them op creeper crawlers! Good job.
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