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✨Buguser's Village Guards✨ - Protect your villages! - 100% Optimization

✨Buguser's Village Guards✨ - Protect your villages! - 100% Optimization v1.1.1

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Required Dependencies
Lib's Disguises

This pack adds a new guard to your server, that can be upgraded and hired.
Guard upgrades are protected against server restarts and reloads so players don't have to worry about losing progress.


Village Defense:
Village Guards will attack all nearby hostile mobs and players attacking them!

Village Guards can be upgraded with different items.
Each tier has different equipment and titles.
Right-clicking a guard will display its current health, title, owner, golden apples and the price for the next upgrade.

Village Guards can be hired with emeralds.
Hired Guards will follow their owners and defend them against monsters and players attacking them.
Guards can be hired for a maximum of 10 minutes at once, with each minute costing one emerald.

Guards heal themselves at low HP by consuming golden apples.

Village Guards will spawn on path blocks in villages.
They can also be obtained by converting Zombified Village Guards with a weakness potion and a golden apple.

Reload and Restart protection:
All Guards will keep their equipment, items and even stay hired after restarting the server.


1. Download the pack
2. Make sure to have Lib's Disguises installed
3. If not already existing: Create a new folder called 'Packs' inside /plugins/MythicMobs/ and put the unpacked folder into it
4. Add valid world names to the RandomSpawns file
5. Reload MythicMobs on your server with
/mm reload
6. Type /mm mobs spawn BUG_GV_Disguise-Downloader
7. Have fun! :D

If you need help installing or have any problems with the pack, feel free to join my discord server for support: https://discord.gg/3PmDCbq
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