1. RenzzoG

    Question about faction mob

    I know there is a section that explains this, but my question is something different: I have a mini clan rpg server with my friends. although the configuration allows me to create mobs (guardians) that attack mobs of other factions. Is there a way for these mobs (guardians) to attack players...
  2. Wako

    Village Guards pack 1.1

    Once I'm purchased Town Guard Pack I'm was slightly disappointed and moves to write my own, just similar mob pack but better. I know, you need this guys. Here is a Village Guards Pack! ★Contains next features: - Regular Guard - Marksman (he's not a really marksman, just archer) - Knight on a...
  3. MythicCraft

    Town Guard Pack v1.0.1

    From the Mythic Mob team comes, the official Town Guard Pack! This pack includes 6 player-friendly types of guards you can use or modify to protect towns and player-safe areas. Guards will chat with players, attack enemy monsters (or players that attack them!), and will even call other guards...