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    Izzy's Pets 2022-03-03

    Izzy's Pets! 3 cute little monsters to spice up server lobbies. The pack contains all 3 mobs shown here. A baby creeper, who's too small to detonate on their own, the short Enderman, who's miraculously still taller than you are, and the Micro-Ghast. Nobody's quite sure how they managed to get...
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    Saint Patrick's Day Clover Pack 2022-02-27

    Izzy's Saint Patrick's Day Clover Pack! 6 equipment models, an armor set, and several props to use in builds! The tools and the sword have animated textures; occasionally, a magic rainbow will glimmer across them! This pack includes an Oraxen config free of charge. If you're not using Oraxen...
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    Izzy's Valentines and Romance 2022-02-25

    Izzy’s valentines and romance asset pack! Containing 11 models and 5 animated textures, this valentine’s day themed pack is sure to spice up your server’s celebration. The hearts make excellent collectibles and the equipment is potentially compelling loot. This pack includes an Oraxen config...
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    Peridot Equipment Set 2022-02-25

    Izzy’s Peridot Equipment Set! Containing a complete set of equipment made out of the glimmering green-yellow gemstone Peridot! This full set of items should make your tech tree a little more dynamic and interesting with a set of pretty models. This pack includes an Oraxen config free of...
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    Izzy's Hats - Volume 1 1.0

    Izzy’s Hats – 1 A grab-bag collection of hats for cosmetic crates! Be the life of the party with 8 custom hats for your server! There are 8 hats included in this first asset pack for you to use on servers, or for any other purpose. For more detailed information please check out the...