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MythicMobs v2.5.0 Released!

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MythicMobs v2.5.0 has been released!

This includes support for Spigot 1.10, tons of bug fixes, and some new features!

One big change to note is that MythicMobs now requires MythicLib. This was announced before, and was necessary due to MythicMobs sharing a lot of code with Champions.

The biggest new feature is support for MiniaturePets. This was a highly requested collaboration between the devs of both plugins. MiniaturePets support means that you can now use the custom models that are designable using MPets in MythicMobs! This feature will bring a new level of customization to your mobs, for the first time allowing for full-fledged custom models for your bosses.

There are various other features, new skills, new effects, and more, that you can find in the changelog. This release also includes some heavy optimizations to spawners and targeters!

The conditions update has been pushed back and will start being tested in dev builds shortly.

Get it here:

Get MythicLib here:

Enjoy everyone!

Marketplace Changes

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I have decided to make a few major changes to the marketplace to open it up to more people. These changes will be going into effect tonight:
  • Requirements for posting resources have been lowered substantially
  • Free resources can now be posted
  • We no longer take a cut of premium resources.
Our hope is that this will encourage more people to share their creations and just to enjoy MythicMobs!

Happy boss creating!

2.5.0+ MythicLib Dependency

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Going forward as of today, all dev builds and future releases of MythicMobs will require MythicLib also be installed to function.

MythicLib was previously compiled into MythicMobs for your convenience, however as I get closer to releasing Champions that is no longer an option. This library contains all the shared code for my plugins.

You can get MythicLib here (only required for 2.5.0+):

Thanks everyone!