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Mythic 4.14 Released for Free

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Now that paper is stable, we've gone ahead and released v4.14.0 for free! This includes 1.18.1 support along with some new features. This does not include any of the 5.0 API changes.

Grab it here:

New Website + MythicMobs v4.11.0 Free Release

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New MythicMobs Free Release!

I have gone ahead and released MythicMobs v4.11.0 free version. This contains a ton of bug fixes since the beta release, and some new compatibilities required for the latest Crucible builds, so go and grab that! And if you enjoy it, please leave us a nice review.

Grab it here:

Oh, and you probably noticed I said Crucible. Crucible is a re-write of MythicArtifacts, and is now also available here. If you...