1. ikanataa

    MEGA SKILL PACK. 40+ SKILLS! 2021-10-11

    This pack contains more than 40skill base for your server! All fully configurable. Buy it and you won't regret it! Discord : Gabriel Silva#2680!
  2. Kiselyok

    Im need some help with skill

    Hi, im trying to make skill with particles like pentagram or magic seal, but im wanna do it in front like throwing fireball or something. Can somebody tell me how its working? I see on chinese sites skills like i need, but they didnt free
  3. ikanataa

    Shots 1.0

    Different shots for low damage skill and low cost, serve as a quick attack skill and spam
  4. ikanataa

    Geyser 2021-09-02

    Geyser skill with Cast for MythicMobs
  5. ikanataa

    Ice Shards 1.0

    Ice Shard skills for MMOCORE and MythicMobs
  6. ikanataa

    Fenix Skill! 1.0

    Fenix Skill for MythicMobs and MMOCore classes!
  7. Ankh

    80% limiter on cooldown reduction stat?

    Hi, I'm going crazy. I have created a character with 98% cooldown reduction (cooldown_reduction) but using a skill with an item (MMOitems) only gets a maximum 80% cooldown reduction. Is there a way to overcome that limit?

    "Beneficial Effect" 5 Skills 1.0.0

    pack of 5 boosts for the team. great animation - increased attack - increased protection - increased regeneration - speed gain - health boost
  9. MooshroomStatus

    MMO Class Pack 1 1.0

    This is a basic skill set designed to set the foundation for most class-based systems. 5 skills in total, $1 per skill. VIEW IT HERE: Thank you everyone for your continued support! I'll do my best to continue making skill packs for everyone to enjoy!
  10. S

    Prevent teleportation through blocks

    I'm creating an item that allow the user to teleport forward on use, however i want to prevent the player from teleporting through blocks, i have researched the issue and have found zero results, i was thinking of maybe making it so the item simply fires a high velocity ender pearl, thus not...
  11. ggonzo

    Question for a possible skill

    Wondering if it is possible to turn the evoker fangs into a skill, I know they're considered a summoned entity but I do not know how to go about making that a surrounding move/skill like a circle around the mob, the help would be greatly appreciated for the help.
  12. F

    Skill Problem

    I have a problem whit a mob, I created a skill but it doesn't work, I don't know where is my error please help Mob: Astro: Type: HUSK Display: '&f&lA&3&ls&f&lt&3&lr&f&lo' Health: 6000 Damage: 11 Equipment: - DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE CHEST - DIAMOND_LEGGINGS LEGS - DIAMOND_BOOTS FEET...
  13. S

    Skill that changes the Weather

    Hello everyone ! Hope you're doing well on thoses times. I wanna set a Boss that when he spawns, the weather changes. I tried this but this isn't working : Skills: - weather{type=storm;duration=6000} ~onSpawn Any Ideas ?
  14. MooshroomStatus

    Flamethrower [Mythic Mobs Skill Tutorial]

    Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: The much requested update of my old flamethrower tutorial is finally here! Sorry for the wait everyone, but I hope you enjoy! (For players applying this to mythic artifacts, all you need to do is add the Flamethrower...
  15. Kevin Mouty

    im bad on skill configurations

    Hey guys ! I wanted to make damage to every mobs nearby my polar bear and make it make a sound but it doesn't work: Skills: - damage{amount=15} @MobsInRadius{r=2} ~onTimer:20 - effect:sound{s=entity.polar_bear.warning} @MobsInRadius{r=2} ~onTimer:20 What is wrong ?
  16. squdgee

    Skill Conditions with Artifacts Help

    I currently have this skill attatched to the ~onUse trigger for a sword: HasteI: Conditions: - sneaking{} castinstead DragonBreathI Cooldown: 17 Skills: - potion{t=FAST_DIGGING;l=0;d=60} @self - effect:particlebox{particle=reddust;amount=35;radius=1.5;c=#722DFF} @self And this is...
  17. T

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack 1.15.1

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack includes the following: - Models - Textures - 1 Mob - 4 Artifacts - 4 Skills (with permission conditions) ===================================== Priest Artifacts can heal a player, create shields, and damage enemies. Also includes one demon :) I hope you...
  18. MooshroomStatus

    At Your Command! [MM Command Tutorial]

    Version: 4.5.1 MC Version: 1.12.2 Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: MooshroomStatus#3274 Hello everyone! Here's my take on the Mythic Mobs mechanic: "Command" Hope this inspires some of you to do some really cool and/or crazy things with your mobs! Do know that the command...
  19. MooshroomStatus

    Year of the Pig [Skin/RandomSkill Tutorial]

    Version: 4.5.1 MC Version: 1.12.2 Language: English Tutorial: Video Tutorial Discord: MooshroomStatus#3274 Stance Tutorial: LibsDisguises Code: Hello everyone! Welcome to my Mythic Mobs tutorial for how to skin a mob and...
  20. Coldjacket

    Vanilla Mob Skills and Equipment is applied to Custom Mythicmobs

    I have this problem since MythicMobs 4.4, that vanilla mob skills i made are also applied to Mythicmobs with the same entity type, the same thing with equipment. In example if i equip a Vex in "VanillaMobs.yml" with an Iron Sword, every Vex Mythicmob i made will also spawn with an iron sword and...