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Ice Wizard | Skill Pack

Ice Wizard | Skill Pack 1.0.3 Update

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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs (premium), MythicLib, MMOItems
This skill pack is designed to provide the user with medium to long range skills with a high capacity for crowd control (slow and stun) and sustained damage over time.


Glacial Strike (Targeted, AOE*):
Medium-long range skill, you launch a wave of ice that freezes the ground towards an enemy, this wave chases its target until it hits its target, another entity or 10s pass without hitting. On impact, damages and freezes the hit enemy and nearby entities. After the freezing time the previously frozen enemies receive damage again.

Ice Age (AOE): Short-medium skill, you generate an ice shockwave that damages and freezes enemies within a radius. After the freezing time has elapsed, they receive damage again.

Enchanted Shard (Skillshot): Medium-long range skill, you cast an Enchanted Ice Shard that pierces your enemies, damaging and marking them. After this, you launch a flurry of ice fragments, whose quantity is determined by the number of enemies hit by the Enchanted Shard, these damage the first enemy hit. If you hit an enemy previously affected by the Enchanted Shard with one of these fragments, you inflict double damage and slow them down.

Hailstorm (AOE): Medium range skill, conjure a hailstorm in front of you, it will slowly advance. As soon as the storm damages enemies, it will start to slow down until it stops completely. The hail damages and slows the entities it hits.

Everfrost (Passive, AOE): When you hit an enemy with an ability or attack you mark it with Everfrost, the mark will slow down the marked enemy and nearby enemies. After a while or if the target dies, the mark will explode damaging the marked enemy and those in range of the skill. When you apply Everfrost, the impacted enemy will enter cooldown, having to wait a while until being able to apply everfrost to them again.


Note: there is a more detailed description in my discord server, with each skill modifiers, etc. (https://discord.gg/7FzCyn6mSB )
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