1. MythicCraft

    MMOCore v1.7.1

    From the creator of MMOItems, BountyHunters, and PinataParty, we bring to you a whole new RPG solution! Replacing outdated and popular plugins, we aim to provide people the same customization and features there old favorite plugins used to offer. In development for over 6 months, and bug tested...
  2. Barney

    ⬛ Flereous the Undying ⬛ 1.1

    Flereous the undying Skills: - Incinerate | Releases huge fumes of flames and burns everything in agony. - Volcanic smash | Jumps in the air and leaps down to launch volcanic terrain everywhere. - Protective Flames | Gains bonus defense and also ignites nearby enemies. - Flaming...
  3. Barney

    ⬛ Ancient Mob Pack ⬛ 1.1

    Wicked Beast Skills: - Transformation | When killing a player, the wicked beast will transform into a more powerful form gaining resistance and strength. - Bloodlust | When killing a player, the wicked beast dashes to another target to eliminate with a radius of 100. - Feast | When...
  4. Barney

    ⬛ Wizard Mob Pack ⬛ 1.1

    Gravity Wizard Skills: - Crushing Gravity Force | Applies many debuffs and damages nearby enemies. The gravity "crushes" nearby enemies. - Gravity Ball | Shoots a ball of gravity and on contact with an enemy, it will slow them. - Gravity Defys | Creates a line of gravity that links onto...
  5. T

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack 1.15.1

    MCNexus Priest Job Artifact Pack includes the following: - Models - Textures - 1 Mob - 4 Artifacts - 4 Skills (with permission conditions) ===================================== Priest Artifacts can heal a player, create shields, and damage enemies. Also includes one demon :) I hope you...
  6. Barney

    12 Masters Pack | Includes All 12 Masters ⬛ 1.1.12

    Name: Zufau (You can change the name) [Master of Balance] Skills: - Orb of Eternity > Ascends the target from the ground covering them in an orange orb, smiting them many times, damaging them. - Call of the Flame Realm > Opens a veil from the fire realm to his current world. Flaming warriors...
  7. Barney

    12 Masters Pack | Zufau - Master of Balance ⬛ 1.1.12

    Name: Zufau (You can change the name) Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | MythicmobsExtension | LibsDisguises Description: Zufau is the master of balance. He is the strongest master of the 12 masters. Some say, he could kill all of them alone if he wanted to. Stats: - HP: 1250 (You can change...
  8. Barney

    12 Masters Pack | Xaku - Master of Transformation 1.1.12

    Tested on 1.12.2 Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | Libsdisguise | MythicmobsAddon Name: Xaku (Configurable) Stats: - HP: 1500 (Configurable) - Damage: 2 (Configurable) - Weakness: Nothing - Knockback Resistance: none - Movement Speed: 0.25 (configurable) Skills: - Takeover Amon - » Turns...
  9. Barney

    Lightning Dragon ⚡ Mythicmobs Boss ⚡ RPG BOSS ⚡ 1.1.13

    Tested on 1.12.2 Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | Libsdisguise | MythicmobsAddon | GlowAPI This is the updated version of the "Lightning Dragon" in my duo dragon pack. The Water dragon will be getting an update soon! Name: Saika (You can change the name) Description: This is an anime...
  10. Barney

    Hoxar ⬛ Mythicmobs Boss ⬛ RPG MINI-BOSS ⬛ 1.1.1

    Tested on 1.12.2 Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | Libsdisguise | MythicmobsAddon Name: Hoxar Stats: - HP: 800 (Configurable) - Damage: 20 (Configurable) - Weakness: Melee, Magic, Physical - Knockback Resistance: none - Movement Speed: 0.30 (configurable) Skills: - CorruptedScreech (Sends a...
  11. Barney

    Snow Wizard ⬛ Mythicmobs Mob ⬛ RPG MOB ⬛ 1.1.13

    Tested on 1.12.2 Plugin Dependencies - Mythicmobs | Libsdisguise | MythicmobsAddon Name: Snow Wizard Stats: - HP: 400 (Configurable) // 800 (Phase 2) - Damage: 0 (Uses Spells) - Weakness: Melee - Knockback Resistance: 100% (Except push from enchants) - Movement Speed: 0.20 (configurable)...
  12. NoHaxJustDolphin

    Wings Of The Lord(Requires Mythic Artifacts)

    Hello guys, I have made a wing called Wings Of The Lord(actually it is an iron chest plate because there is no wing texture in vanilla Minecraft ;-;) Anyway, Here is the items and skills: How to use: crouch(hold shift) to fly for maximum 5 seconds,cool down 10 seconds Release the shift button...
  13. D

    only one drop per kill + spawn on anvil click

    as the name suggests I want a way to make a mob drop only one drop on its death eg if I have 9 drops on the drop table when the mob dies it only drops on of the items no matter how high the percentage of each item I would also like this mob to spawn when I right click an anvil with a certain...
  14. dwatsX

    Avalon - MMORPG with MythicMob Raid Bosses

    server ip: defend.avalon.today Hey Guys, today I updated Avalon's trailer which features some of the Mythic Mobs that I use for our bosses. The bosses are doing some cool things and briefly showcase some of the capabilities of MythicMobs. Enjoy, and check us out!
  15. CaptainSnickerz


    Here at SnickerzCraft our main objective is to have fun, with a wide variety of plugins the server is one step away from being modded without mods! Custom furniture and maps make SnickerzCraft a unique and amazing server with an awesome community! There's something for everyone here at...