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AdvancedPet - 3D-model pets & mounts

AdvancedPet - 3D-model pets & mounts 2021-12-07

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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, ModelEngine

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⚠️ Requirements ⚠️

This plugin requires the following dependencies to work :
- ModelEngine r2.2.0 at least
- MythicMobs compatible with ModelEngine r2.2.0 (see dev builds)
- WorldGuard & WorldEdit (for flag management)

✨ Overview ✨

AdvancedPet is a plugin meant to setup advanced modeled pets for your server.
The plugin relies on MythicMobs & ModelEngine to create your pet, maybe add it some skills and specific behaviors so that it get useful for the players, do some tricky stuff, obey orders.
AdvancedPet offers an GUI interface to spawn the pet and manage them (change their name, mount them, revoke them).
It also ensures the pet to behave like one : whatever is configured inside MythicMobs, you can configure each pet with AdvancedPet to come back to the player when it gets too far, or get teleported instead if it's completely lost.
Also, AdvancedPet provides the opportunity to cast a skill before your pet gets to despawn, that can be used to cast despawning animations and more !

Want to try the plugin ? You can go on the DEMO server of Littleroom at : play.littleroom.dev

✨ Features ✨

✔️ Create pets with MythicMobs with ANY behavior (AI, skills, etc...) and make them act as a pet thanks to AdvancedPet
✔️ Order system to get your pet cast skills or change behavior
✔️ GUI Interface to manage your pets (selection, name, mount)
✔️ Unique permission for each pet to be summoned
✔️ MySQL support for players data.
✔️ Flags to manage pets around your world with WorldGuard
✔️ Language configuration support

A demo pet is included in the ZIP download : Sleepy the Otter.

✨ Partner ✨

Download more pets from mcmodels.net

✨ Pictures & videos ✨

Thanks to Littleroom who's made some wonderful pets adapted to AdvancedPet :

Also, here is a nice presentation from Diamondxr :

Me and my pumpkin halloween plant enjoying the sunset (model from almeria-mc.fr):

Me again, riding the air on my loyal dragon (model from MCModels.net):

GUI pet selection :

Pet interaction GUI :

✨ Configuration ✨

Have a look at the wiki for more informations on how to setup a pet with AdvancedPet !​
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