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RPG Class Series | Paladin

RPG Class Series | Paladin 1.0

  1. 1.18
  2. 1.19
Required Dependencies
Mythiclib, MMOCore, MMOItems, MythicCrucible, MythicMobs, ModelEngine

Add 7 Custom Skills and 2 Equipment to your game!
The Paladin class is a subclass of the Warrior class that focuses on defense and healing.
The Paladin class is a melee physical tanker + healer that uses holy abilities to damage enemies and defend/heal allies.
Make your allies invincible using Heavenly Shield, pummel your enemies with Bound Seal, and bash them using Last Stand while creating a healing aura for your allies!

This pack contains:
  • Hammer of Paladin (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Shiny Hammer of Paladin (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Radiant Aura FX (Skill Model)
  • Holy Strike FX (Skill Model)
  • Holy Shield FX (Skill Model)
  • Light Hammer FX (Skill Model)
  • Light Beam FX (Skill Model)
  • Heavenly Shield FX (Skill Model)
  • Light Spear FX (Skill Model)
  • Holy Chains FX (Skill Model)
  • Holy Mark FX (Skill Model)
  • Holy Spinning Slash FX (Skill Model)
  • Heavenly Wings FX (Skill Model)
  • Light Rupture FX (Skill Model)
  • Light Eruption FX (Skill Model)
  • 7 skill icons
  • 23 custom sound effects
  • MythicLib custom skills config
  • MMOCore class & skills config
  • MMOItems & MythicCrucible support
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine
  • Instruction on how to get the equipment in-game
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config - Easy Drag & Drop! (Supports version 3.3+)
  • Oraxen config - Easy Drag & Drop!
  • Skill upgrade function for MMOCore: Upgrade your skill level for higher damage, reduced cooldown, longer duration, etc
    • Ex) Customizable base damage, per-level damage, minimum / maximum damage

  • Passive - Radiant Aura (Passive): Every skill use stacks a holy ring around you. Every 4th stack creates a radiant aura that heals and gives resistance to yourself and nearby allies.
  • Basic Attack - Holy Strike (Left): Perform a holy slash attack. Every 3rd strike uppercuts your enemies and sets them airborne.
  • Skill 1 - Unbreakable Will (Right): Summon a holy shield in front of you, lunge at the target location and push away enemies, stunning them.
  • Skill 2 - Hammer of Justice (Shift + Shift): Summon a holy hammer and smash the surface, creating light eruptions in the direction you're looking at.
  • Skill 3 - Heavenly Shield (Hold Shift): Give a heavenly shield to yourself and nearby allies. You don't take any damage while you have the shield.
  • Skill 4 - Bound Seal (Shift + Right): Bind an enemy with chains, and summon a holy spear that pierces and marks an enemy.
  • Ultimate - Last Stand (Shift + Left): Do a wide circle slash around you, pulling in nearby enemies. You summon your holy wings, leap back, and slam your hammer into the ground, setting enemies airborne. If the hit enemy is marked, it leaves behind a healing aura.

You only need one of the three - MMOItems, MMOCore, OR MythicCrucible to make the pack work. You don't need all of them.

Dependencies: MythicMobs, ModelEngine
Tested on version 1.18.2, MythicMobs (5.1.0), MMOItems (6.7.4), MythicLib (1.3.3), MythicCrucible (1.4.0), MMOCore (1.9.4), ModelEngine (R3.0.0), Resource pack included
Tested on version 1.19.2, MythicMobs (5.2.0), MMOItems (6.8.2), MythicLib (1.4.2), MythicCrucible (1.5.0), MMOCore (1.10.2), ModelEngine (R3.1.4), Resource pack included
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