1. D

    Desert Mob Pack 1.0

    Littleroom Presents... The Desert Mob-Pack! This Collection of Desert and Badlands themed mobs is sure to bring some life to those otherwise barren wastelands. Vulture: A neutral mob that glides across the vast dunes of your minecraft world. Armadillo: A neutral mob that roams the desert...
  2. D

    LittleRoom's Halloween Mobpack 1.0

    Introducing Little Room's latest Mob-Pack just in time for Halloween! Experience these latest bone-chilling creations to add spooky encounters for your players! Featuring a cast of classic monsters including: The Infamous Frankenstein's Monster! He's as large and omnious as the real deal...
  3. D

    Variety Mob Pack 1.0

    This mob pack requires the Model Engine plugin! What's included in the pack: A preset randomspawn system for each mob! Custom animated and textures models! A series of skills and AI behaviour's for an immersive experience! of course feel free to contact me on my discord channel linked in the...
  4. Ldii

    [ModelEngine] Spirit model 1.0

    Animations of the model: - Idle - Walk - Attack On purchase you will get the archive with: - .bbmodel of the model for BlockBench (if you want to do with the model something) - .json of the entity, .png texture, animation.json for animations folder. How to install: - Install a ModelEngine...