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Model Engine 2.0+ Mythicmobs

Littleroom Presents... The Desert Mob-Pack!
This Collection of Desert and Badlands themed mobs is sure to bring some life to those otherwise barren wastelands.

A neutral mob that glides across the vast dunes of your minecraft world.

A neutral mob that roams the desert.

A hostile mob who feeds on Horny Toads.

Horny Toad:
A semi-neutral mob who likes personal space, if you get too close he will give you a squirt of blood from his eyes.

A decorative addition the the desert and badlands, is essentially a baby cactus that eventually can grow to be a big cactus.

Unpredictable Cyclone of Dust! This small twisting terror can pull in unsuspecting mobs or players and slowly damage them.

Environmental addition, occasionally the player will encounter a tumbling ball of drybrush.

An Emerald come to life, once it dies it turns back into an emerald.

Camel: The Giant of the Badlands, perfect for riding across harsh environments. (Husks cant reach you from the height of the camels back!)

Pharaoh: The Plague of the Desert, capable of bringing the strongest willed warriors to their knees!
Capable of a mighty swing of his cane, an area of effect spell that brings lost souls to grab you and during his final moments he will exude a cursed cloud of pestilence and summon mummies to fight by his side.
Once defeated, the player can also claim his Nemes as a trophy!

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