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Introducing Little Room's latest Mob-Pack just in time for Halloween!

Experience these latest bone-chilling creations to add spooky encounters for your players!

Featuring a cast of classic monsters including:

The Infamous Frankenstein's Monster! He's as large and omnious as the real deal! Complete with delicate limbs that are prone to being knocked off during battle!

The Mummy is a lumbering ghoul that can be found the desert and badlands biomes. Just one touch from his loosely wrapped finger will curse you! Luckily, only for a couple of seconds!

Vlad, the Unpleasant is a vampire who can only be awoken from his accursed coffin during the night. Be prepared because he will not hesitate to steal your precious blood!

The Spirit is a haunting specter that wanders the surface wielding only a lantern. He offers no threat but is not comfortable around players and will vanish if you come too close.

This pack includes 4 unique Halloween themed mobs, new items and a candy cauldron that spits out beautiful candies!

This mob pack requires the Model Engine plugin!

What's included in the pack:
A preset randomspawn system for each mob!
Custom animated and textures models!
A series of skills and AI behaviour's for an immersive experience!

of course feel free to contact me on my discord channel linked in the image above if you have any issues.
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Excellent Addition! Really digging the style of these mobs especially during the Halloween season ^_^