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Herobrine - Boss [Model Engine and Mythicmobs]

Herobrine - Boss [Model Engine and Mythicmobs] 1.0

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  5. 1.18
Required Dependencies
Model Engine and MythicMobs

Herobrine is REAL and he’s out for blood! The Herobrine sports 20 unique skills, all which work together to bring you the fastest most responsive combat you’ve ever experienced in Minecraft.

This boss is rated very very difficult, do not even attempt if you don’t have a party to assist taking him down.

His move-set includes:

Crossbow Shot – Herobrine will fit crossbow shots in between movement skills like rolling or jumping.

Hack-n-Slash – A rapid succession of sword attacks.

Roundhouse – A spinning kick, sends targets flying.

Charged Punch – Herobrine winds up and fires off a powerful punch.

Throwing Axe – Throws an axe at target, slowing on impact.

Jump Kick – Closes the gap with a lunging air kick.

Catch and Release – Pulls out a fishing rod and yanks the target closer.

Pickaxe Strike – Swipes up with a pickaxe and follows up with an explosive crossbow shot.

Down Punch – A heavy fist comes down towards the target.

Ultra Instinct Mode (25 percent health) – Herobrine has increased speed, damage and can dodge attacks.

Munch – Pulls out cooked beef and eats it, healing himself for 10% health.

Herobrine can also vault over fences, roll, block and leap up to players that are unreachable.



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