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If you have already bought this mob and you are looking for the updated link private message me your paypal email which you made your payment from.

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I will include the map showed on this video it can be used on your server and modified as you wish it has the basic spawners set for the bosses and minions inside the brain room. So basically it's plug and play but if you want to make your own instance you have to just move the spawner coordinates to your desired places, but also move the teleporting coordinates. (I will include somekind of Help manual inside the download file)

Video of the encounter in information tab!

Map Download Link : goo.gl/2E7PBW

Requires atleast two people for the heroic version of the fight.
Normal version is soloable and requires only few changes in-game files to spawn somewhere else in your Worlds.
Normal doesn't include the brain room phase since it complicates setup much more.
Mythic version is insanely hard only for the most experienced players atleast 3-4 players or it is almost impossible.

Available versions
Normal : Complete
Heroic : Complete
Mythic : Complete

Phase 1

- Yogg-Saron has assumed a form of young girl Sara she is invulnerable to any damage done except by killing the minions he summons.
- Sara casts 3 different debuffs on the players :
Sarah's fervor : Increases melee damage done by 30% and slows you for 15 seconds.
Sarah's blessing : Heals you for significant amount and applies a damage over time effect 20 seconds.
Sarah's Anger : Increases your melee damage done by 130% and applies wither type effect for 12 seconds.
- Sara summons Servants of Yogg-Saron that cast Shadow Volley to all nearby players that inflict instant damage and hunger effect for 3 seconds.
- Sara creates yellow clouds that inflict instant damage every 0.5 seconds if a players stand in them also these clouds will spawn more servants of Yogg-Saron if a player steps in them.

Phase 2

- Yogg-Saron starts casting Insanity which deals fatal amount of damage after 5 minutes.
- When Sara dies Yogg-Saron emerges from the depths of hell.
- Yogg-Saron summons 3 types of tentacles around him at certain % of health.
Constrictor Tentacle : Surrounds a random player inside green cocoon for 15 seconds.
Corruptor Tentacle : Sends a poison volley to nearby players inflicting slow and poison for a short duration.
!Crusher Tentacle! : Sends a exploding energy volley to all nearby players inflicting huge instant damage and knockback.

Phase 3

- At 50% health Yogg-Saron creates portal to his brains any amount of players can go in there(Atleast one player has to stay inside yogg-sarons room.)
- !Brains of Yogg-Saron starts casting Extinguish All Life killing all players inside the raid after 100 seconds have passed.! (starts from the portal summon)
- Inside the room players have to kill Influencer Tentacles to unlock access to room with The Brains of Yogg-Saron.
- Yogg-Sarons brains emit dark aura around him dealing instant damage and knocking back all players inside 4 block radius.
- After Brains of Yogg-Saron have been killed players are teleported back to the other players at Yogg-Saron.
Influencer Tentacle : Reflects damage done back to the player.
Immortal Guardian : Can't be killed and sometimes swings 150% damage attacks instead of 100%
- At 50% Yogg saron charges his eyes and summons a Deathray following a player and inflicting huge amount of damage if hit (Mythic)
- At 25% Yogg-Saron starts summoning Immortal Guardians which are unkillable they stack infinitely until the boss dies.
- At 25% Yogg saron charges his eyes and summons a deathray following a player and inflicting huge amount of damage if hit (Mythic)

All Tentacles have corrupting aura inflicting damage every 1 second if standing near them.
One of the Sarah's spells will be randomly applied to each player everytime someone hits sara or a servant dies.


I will continue to update this boss as i get any feedback or possible bugs although this boss has been heavily tested out and through.

Supported MythicMobs versions : 2.5.1 or higher

Supported Minecraft versions : 1.8.8 or higher

Required plugins : MythicMobs, Protocollib and Libs disguises
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I bought it a long time ago, but I can't download it now. What is the reason?
I sent you a private PM.
Please send me this boss, I have already bought it and its been 1 or 2 weeks now. Please send me this boss!
I sent you a private PM.
are you afk? I paid, but I do not give me a file.
I sent you a private PM.
There is a lot of work gone into this mob, and the associated minions, more than worth the asking price. Great fun and lots of ideas, a definite one to add to any mythicmobs selection!
Thank you so much! I always appreciate the feedback and advice how to improve the mobs i make :)
Please send me this boss, I have already bought it and its been 1 or 2 weeks now. Please send me this boss!
I sent you a private PM.
Please send me this boss, I have already bought it and its been 1 or 2 weeks now. Please send me this boss!
I sent you a private PM.
Great boss battle, fun with many perks and things to work around!
Glad you liked it =)